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Home for the Weekend

Well, whee do I begin.

Well, whee do I begin. I guess it all started when I visited my sister at her collage for the weekend because my parents were out of town and I needed a place to go. I got there about 9:00 at night and emeidatly went to the store and picked up some beer. We went back to her dorm room and started getting fucked up. I remember hitting a four footer and drinking a lot of beer. But the next two days after that are pretty much a blure. The shrooms came into the picture when we could not find a party any where in the entire town. Everybody went home for the weekend. Thats when my sister Michell's friend suggested we go over to our house and have a party of our own. This was not a bad idea because it was about a 2 hour drive from here collage. Not very long when your fucked up the whole way over there. We got to my house at about 11:00 pm. It was Saterday night so some of Michell's old friends would surely be out and about and they are always looking for parties to go to. So Michell got out her little black book and started pageing people. We got a call back probably within 5 min. and about 3 of my sisters friends came rollin up with about 3 of there friends so we pretty much had a little party goin. Now one of the guys my sister called was her firend Jarid. They had known each other since I think about the sixth grade. So they were pretty close. And when Jordin asked me if I would like some shrooms. There was no way in hell that I was going to say no. I grabed the bag and ran up my stairs. I was looking for something to eat them with. It didn't take long for my eyes to land on the pre made cookie dough that comes in a tube. I grabed two spoons, one for the dough and the other for the shrooms. Jarid said it was half an 8th but I wasn't sure. I know that they fit perfectly on the spoon. I poped the dough in my mouth and the shrooms came right after. Everybody laughed when I came down stairs with my mouth full of shrooms and cookie dough. I started playing pool and thats about when I started to really crave a phatty bowl. I asked Dave, another of my sister's friends, who usually has weed. But of course he didn't have any. So the hunt for bud began.
"Michelle who do we know that had bud?" I asked
"I don't know I'm goin to call around and look for some. Hey why don't you take Tia and all them up to the Taco Bell. They need someone to go with them who knows the way and I've got to stay here and make sure things don't get out of hand."
"Ya all right. But there better be some bud waiting for me when I get back."
So off to Taco Bell I went. With five girls that are good friends with my sister from her collage. It was a bit strang but cool that they thought I was a sernior in High School, and I'm really only a freshman. It was tight though. The trip to Taco Bell was pretty uneventfull. We made a stop at the nerby Safeway that is right a cross the street form Taco bell to pick up some stuff for the party. I don't really remember what. But it wasn't important. On the way back I took them a quicker way then the way we came and I forgot to tell Tia the one that was driving that there was a sharp turn ahead. Of course she didn't see it and swerved into the next lane. It was a bit scarry but nothing that I couldn't handle. When I got back was when the fun really started.
My sister had successfully found weed and we loaded a bowl as soon as I walked in the door. We went out back on the pattio that is under my upstairs porch. Dave, the one who bought the weed let me have greens since I was on shrooms and he knew how it was.
After I blew out that first hit. The grain of the wood on the side of my house started swirlling togther and making weird shapes. The knots in the wood were pulsing and sending ripples throughout the entire wall. It was the stragest feeling I'v ever experienced. We finished the bowl and went inside. A pool game was just ending and I yelled,
"I got next!" suprisingly nobody challenged. One of the many things of the night that could have gone wrong but didn't. I remember breaking the balls on the table and seeing enormous tracers behind every single one of them. It was quite interesting to see about 5o or 60 balls on the table when you know theres really only 15.
But you know that when there are that many balls on the table, it is very easy to get confused. The guy I was playing didn't seem to mind so much becuse I could tell that he didn't know what the fuck he was doing either. After the game Nate, yet another of my sisters collage buddies, suggested for my sake to watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. One of my favorit movies. Even though I'd seen it about 20 times before. Not once was it as wierd as that night.
The beggining is a little blury, but I remember well the scen when they first get to the hotel and Johny Depp was on acid. When he looks at the guy talking on the phone and the pattern on the carpet of the hotel starts moving, you knoe what I'm talkin about? Well the pattern was on my floor and it started to go up the walls ecactly like in the movie. But it was happening in my own house.
After that the night is pretty much a blure except a few key moments that I'll try as best I can to describe.
The first was, I was sitting there on the couch spacing off watching the movie but not really. My eyes were on the screen but I didn't really see it. It was like I was dreaming but I was awake. I was so focused on this one thought that I didn't notice any thing around me change. It felt when I "woke up" from this day dream that it had been hours maby even days. But only a few minutts and some time just a few secounds would go by between each space out. I can't exactly remember what I was thinking about. Except for this one time when I was so perinoid that the party was to big and that one of the neighbors would call the cops I didn't even notice my sister leave to take home Jarid and his friends since they were to drunk to be driving and my sister would not let them drive home drunk. She has already lost a very close friend to drunk driving.
It was not something that she wanted to see happen again. I mean if there is one supper stupid thing to do it's drinking and driving. I can't understand why someone would want to put them selves and others in danger.
Any way back to my house. Another time I remember I was watching two people play pool, and one of them knocked the chalk off the side of the table with his elbow. And I saw a line of chalk that reached from the carpet all the way to where it had originally been. That was probably the best tracer of the night. I wish I could remember more of what happened that night but the only thing I have left to talk about is trying to go to sleep on shrooms.
I think that is one of the stangest and most uncomfortable things to do. I mean if your shrooming hard and your the only one I can garentee that you will be the last one up. It totally sucked because we have two TV's in our house and both were occupied by sleeping people. So the only thing I could do was lie completely awake and still trippin kinda hard with my black light and posters that I have in my room.
Oh I just remembered another thing that was halla tight during my trip. I have this poster of just a land completely covered in mushrooms. And at the bottom there are two little elves smokin a pipe, and one of their friends riding a draggon fly around the sky. That poster had the britest color of any black light poster that I've ever seen.
But one that was just as cool was The "Eat Me" shroom poster that I have on the back of my door. I can't exacly remember what it was about that poste that tripped me out but I do remember it looking very stange.
Well I'm running out of things to say and I got to go smoke a bowl. So happy shroomin and good luck to everybody out there that hasen't tried these fantasic drugs. Peace

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