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Holy SHIT!

July 17 Log: Ok its roughly 4 pm and we just got back from picking up our shrooms.

July 17 Log: Ok its roughly 4 pm and we just got back from picking up our shrooms. My friend and I are hoping we are gonna trip for the first time. I made him wait so I could get home and write all this down, because i've been to this site and I wanted to record everything.

Its quarter past 5 now and we ate them at about 4:30 with some milk. They tasted rather strange, but this I heard is what they taste like. No activity except my head feels odd. Will write when something occurs again.

10 minutes to six 0 clock and I wow. I'm in my room alone with the black light on. Theres little butterflies all around. This is entirely un-imaginable. I'm going to call mike, he is suppose to be eating supper with his family.

oh boy the time is 6:10 and mike thinks his brother is a candle. He is on his way over. here I am looking at my body as I fly toward the ceiling. I am now a butterfly and we are all fluttering around like leaves in the wind. If i close my eyes I am falling to the ground without a body just a mind. sitting here I am not able to move. I try to move but I cannot see straight. I hear a loud buzz repeating itself. mike enters the room and scares me. Mike says his eye won't stop moving. I think were in the hardcore portion right now.

8:30 I just got out of the shower with 8 fake people. Mike left at 7:45. I still can see the butterflies following me although the water was making them fall to the feet of the people i was showering with. I yelled at one of them for stepping on one. they all left after i yelled at him

I'm tired but my body won't stop moving as i try to fall asleep. I do have school tommorow.

july 18 7 am: I have some advice for you, Trip as soon as you can and as often as you can. I can't wait to do it again, and again, and again. That was fucking mind boggling

Nick and Mike

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