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Holograpgic Journey

Greetings Fellow Journeyman - The following is the account of a wonderful journey I took in my apartment in Lakewood, CO one evening a some years ago with a few friends.

Greetings Fellow Journeyman -
The following is the account of a wonderful journey I took
in my apartment in Lakewood, CO one evening a some years ago
with a few friends. It was one of the best visual journeys I
have ever taken and so I share it with you.
There were six of us in the apartment that night 3 girls and
3 guys all were my friends at the time so the setting had a
good vibe (Very essential). I can't remember how much fungus
we ate or how we consumed them - possibly tea. Yet, it was a
well balanced dose. One of the guys didn't partake (which
turned out to be an advantage) and his brother was a first
timer which was also exciting.
Anyways four of us ended up in my room which was decked out
in skateboard posters and artwork. I turned on my black
light and a red colored light bulb for affects. I also
happened to have a pair of 3-D glasses (the kind with red
and blue lenses) and thought that they would be of some
usefulness agianst the blue and red lighting. This proved
to be an awsome visual stimulator - I highly recomend trying
it. In the mist of the excursion I realized that the red and
blue of the lights acted like the red and blue overlay of a
3-D movie or picture and thus gave everything in the room a
3-D movie-like effect.
At first we waited and talked until we all started to feel a
little weird (telling each other how we felt seemed to
stimulate similer feelings in the others). We then started
to laugh like mad. The fun thing was that my aunt was
sleeping in the next room so we had to try to restrain
ourselves which proved to enhance the laughter even more so.
Also all of my friends faces were red from the light and I
couldn't stop laughing at them - they looked so goofy! Like
cartoon charaters.
The histerical laughter soon brought on the tears which
assisted in the mad visuals that trasported me into a
holographic, 3-D world. I began to look at the posters on my
wall. They were the coolest things I had ever seen in my
life. The perspectives of the shots of the skateboarders
were distorted due to the fisheye lens used in taking the
photogaphs. With the help of the lighting, glasses and
distorted vision it transformed them into 3-D type pictures
which I felt I could almost reach into (and I tried). Then I
noticed the book. A copy of the novel Syble (about the woman
with multi-personality disorder).
The artwork on the cover, we descided, was created to be
enhanced by visual distortions - It had to be! It was a
picture of Syble's face cut up into thin pie shaped slices
and then slightly offset denoting the multi personalities.
Yet, when looking at it in the black light especially, the
picture took on a holographic affect in which the face
merged together showing no separations and seemed to look at
you wherever you went in the room. Very interesting and
intense. Though this may sound a bit creepy, it was to damn
cool to creep anyone out, though we tried.
When we were finished in my room we moved out into the
living room area where my
un-medicated friend and his sister were. We told them about
the amazing things we had seen but she was not enjoying her
excursion. Sad to say I don't think she was prepared mentaly
-what a waste.
Anyways that did not bring us down and I proceeded to grab
my extensive comic book collection (which consisted of Gen
13 #s 1-5 Cyberforce #s 1-20 Wildcats 1-5 and various Spawn
and other random titles) and began to look at them under the
soft light of the kitchen range top. To my wonderment, like
the posters in my room, the artwork in the comic books had
taken on the 3-D effect. I was so delighted by this
occurance (as well as being emotionaly unbalanced) that I
started bawling. Tears streamed down my face and my nose
began to run like a faucet as I endulged in a fantasy world
come to life. I must have stood there crying for at least a
good hour before I finaly pulled myself away to explore
other facinations.
I then ended up in front of a large mirror in the hallway
where agian I stood in amazement gazing at a much younger
version of myself. I smiled while examining the features of
my face in detail.
By then my friends sister had had enough and wanted to go
home. The others were staying with her and so we all exited
the apartment to take her home. Good thing we had a
designated driver!
When we arrived outside in the parking lot I continued to
examine the outdoor surroundings. The sky was pink from the
city lights reflecting on the clouds and I breathed in
deeply feeling the expance of it. Trees seemed unusually
large and unified in structure. They seemed to all be
reaching up to give praise to their creator. Starring at the
bricks of the other buildings in the flourecent glow of the
street lights I could see marvelous patterns.
By the time we arrived at our destination the affects were
wearing off and we descided to call it a night. My friend
brought me back home and I listened to music and fell into a
deep refreshing slumber.
Side Note: I beleive that one should always seek to learn
from this kind of experience and I've come to realize that
all natural substances are a gift from the creator to help
us learn more about ourselves the wonders of his creation.
In veiw of this I would like to share some of the insights
that I gleaned from this experiance.
First of all I gained more useful insights into the makeup
and use of our unique visual field. I realize now that there
is more to our sight than we utilize on a daily basis. I
believe that noting this has helped me to be more creative
artisticly as well as helping me to look at things and
people in a new perspective. I also learned much about the
emotional makeup and personalities of those who accopanied
me on this trek as well as my own.
Another interesting point that I failed to mention is the
fact that I entered this journey with a head cold. I later
realized that all of the draining that occured throughout
that night was a result of my body's reaction to the
alkaloids of the ingested fungus working agianst the
congestion. When I woke up the next day after a deep
satisfying sleep (which also assisted I'm sure) I realized
that my cold had subsided and I was no longer sick. Have I
discovered the cure for the common cold? Perhapse!
At any rate I would like to conclude by admonishing any who
read this account to take into consideration what I have
learned and the advice that I give about the use of this and
all natural sacrements. So many people use these sacred
elements simply as an escape from this perverted world and
endulge in them mearly as a form of entertainment or
diversion. Please learn to respect these as you would any
other medicinal product and do not abuse them - but use them
to expand your understanding of the people and world around
you. They are a gift from the creator to us and like all
other created things they can and have been abused. Please
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