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Hmm, a desert.

Well, this was a pretty intresting story in my oppionion.

Well, this was a pretty intresting story in my oppionion. I'm not all that experienced with mushrooms myself, before I had this trip i'd only eaten them three times before with mixed results. This time was really intresting though because my best friend Dave who had only been accustom to smoking bud was going to trip with me, also the first time i'd tripped with other people.
Anyway on with it. It was about 8 O'clock and dave and I were just hanging out playing some video games then decided to go and smoke a bowl. After finishing off that we came to the concusion that we had better eat the mushrooms soon because it wasn't really a set in stone thing what was going to happen from my experience.
To tell the truth i'm not really sure how much i ate but thats not really the intresting part. For a little while we were just nice and high then after we settled into my room it all started. I encouraged it with a little marely and a little explanation to dave how it had gone for me before. After that it all just went kind of weird.
For awhile it was quite mild, no visuals or anything but i was starting to get very philisophical with my life and for about an hour or so we just sat onmy bed and takled about how life was going. Then the idea was conjured up to watch Disney's Alladin. Well, we didn't end up watching much of it really because abotu half way into the movie in a simultaniuos revelation we looked around my room and back at each othr and asked "Where'd this desert come from?".
Now its not like what you might think, we were sitting on my sand colored bed and i had turned on my soft x-mas lights which i strung around the ceiling. This coupled with the pale blue paint on the walls just threw us into a complete and totally belivable desert. where the soft light form the lights ended, the horizon of pale blue rose everywhere.
I have to say that it was one of the most breath taking things i've ever experienced, everything suddenly opened up for me and nothing was beyond comprehension, the endless twilight sky and the pale sand gave such an aura of passive and calmness. It was like an epitome of personal revelation, i don't think i have the words to describe it myself, all i can say is that this was a night to never forget.
Not much more ended up happening expect alot of conversation, between the two of us we managed to come up with a few nice revelations about our lives that we don't want to let slip by any longer.
After another bowl though well, things did start to change a bit. I can't remeber but it was a very intense full body experience, i could feel all the molecules about me and everything was so surreal its just, indescribable.
I'm looking forward to my next trip whole heartedly

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