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Hippies and Phish

I don't know how many of you have heard of Phish, but they're pretty famous for their hippy-like drug-crazed following.

I don't know how many of you have heard of Phish, but they're pretty famous for their hippy-like drug-crazed following. Well, this past summer, me and my sister and her fiancee, (who I worked with), went to the gorge ampitheater in Washington to see phish play. The night before the concert we got drunk and stoned and partied for a while. We went to bed and when we woke up, we did a little wake and bake and headed to the campground. I'd never been to a Phish concert before and it was a fucking mindfuck. People were selling mushrooms, acid, nitrous and whatever else out in the open.

Me, my sister, and her fiancee went in a two eighths. About halfway through the day, we started eating them. For a long time, I didn't reall feel anything, and felt more stoned than anything else. After a while though, I started feeling it. It kind of crept up on me like a brownie does, but with a different sort of feeling. I hadn't eaten a lot yet, so I was only mildly buzzed. When it came time to walk to the concert, we popped a couple more caps. We walked to the concert eating bits of mushroom as we went. My sister's fiancee wasn't feeling to well, so he let me have his share of the shrooms. I pocketed them and kept on walking. I was still having a mild buzz, but not much was going on yet.

We got into the concert and sat down on the grass. By now I was doing quite well and I remember just staring at the sky and laughing. I had just finished off my bag and my sister told me I had small pieces of mushroom all over my lips. I laughed, stood up, and ran away. I somehow ended up with a small pizza and a phish shirt. When my sister asked me where I got it, I wasn't able to tell her. (To this day I still don't remember.)

That's about when the mushrooms really started to kick in. Phish got onstage and started playing some song and thousands of lights were sychronized to the music onstage. This is enough to trip me out when I'm sober, let alone when I've eaten almost an eighth of mushrooms. The music was playing, the lights were moving, and hippies were spinning in circles all over the place. I had a big smile pasted on my face and was laughing out loud. My sister and her fiancee wanted to get closer to the action and didn't want to leave me alone. I had no idea what was going on, so my sister had to lead me by the hand down to the stage.

It was a long trip down to the stage and when I got there, I found myself yelling and laughing out loud about how cool it was to see Phish live. That's when things got really fucked up. I was probably about 100 feet away from the band. Two seconds later I was right up next to the stage. Two seconds later I was 100 feet away from the band again. This went on for quite awhile, my perspective changing from close to far every couple of seconds. All of a sudden, I stopped listening to the music. It was still playing but it wasn't music anymore. It was this wierd sound and I could feel it interacting with my soul. I started thinking about what was happening and realized that Satan was trying to steal my soul. I was having a mental battle with Satan over my soul, and I could feel God's presence. He wasn't doing anything, just letting me fight the battle for myself. This stage went on for quite a while until I noticed the music stopped and the band had gone offstage for a break. Everybody around me was sitting down, and I was standing up. I could hear my sister calling me and I turned around and saw her. I had ended up about 50 feet away from her. I returned to them, and sat down. This beautiful girl in front of my was twirling around and blowing bubbles that floated all around her. She did this until the band came back onstage and finished their set.

The second set was less eventful. I mostly concentrated on the light show, watching the lights dance all over the stage, and jumping up and down the entire time. Half the people there were on acid and didn't seem to mind the fact that I was landing on their toes and bumping them. The band finished their set and we walked back to the campsite.

Nothing else cool really happened until we got back to our campsite and I drank about 12 shots of whiskey and vomited all over the grass. I passed out on the ground in front of my sister's car.

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