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Hilton Head Trip-ping

* Description of Mindset & Setting- I was with my boyfriend of 2.

* Description of Mindset & Setting-
I was with my boyfriend of 2.5 years and two good friends. We were staying in a small villa right off the beach. It was day 3 of 7 into our vacation. I was happy although severely nervous about the experience to come. I was almost ready to back out. This would be my first time shrooming as well as the first time for everyone else.
* Details of any preparations made for the experience-
We had a lot of good music including Ween's The Mollusk. That was my absolute favorite music to trip to. I listened to it several times. Since it was our first time, we decided to have me trip and my boyfriend sit me, and my friend Adam trip and his g/f Meg sit him.
* Dosage & Timing Information-
Each person took 1/8 of what I guess is cubensis, though I am not at all sure. We chopped the 1/8 up and ate it in a peanut butter sandwich. We had eaten a few hours prior. We ate the sandwhiches at 8 PM. We started to feel the effects an hour later, or so. We then left to go out to the beach. I started feeling heavy in weight, though lighthearted. I also felt very nausious for the first hour.
* Preparation Method-
1/8 chopped on PB sandwhich.
* Notes on any other foods or medicines that could have also played a role in your experience.-
Adam ended up puking the shrooms up due to too full of a stomach. I had no ill effects. The nausia went away and left me happy.
* Aproximate Body Weight, Gender, Age -
140# Female 23

Notes- We stayed outdoors on the beach for an hour while I started to feel trippy. I was seeing prismatic shapes off the lights in the distance. My boyfriends face morphed into odd, kind of ugly/scary shapes. His eyes looked to sink into his head. I could look away or change my focus and get away from the visualization.
We went back into the villa and the visualizations started to really go into effect. I would see streching of shapes, as well as highly distinct difference between light and dark colors. I felt kinda slimey and dirty from the beach and wanted to wash the feeling off, but couldnt bring myself to touch the water on the wash fountain outside. I later washed in the bashroom.
We got itno the room and the room is furnished with a lot of white items, the carpet, wallpaper, and chairs. That was kinda hard to get used to. The room would also kinda pulse, feeling closed in or feeling open. usually feeling like a cube though it wasn't. I sat on the floor by myself while we listened to music. the music ended up blanding in synch with the visusalisations i was having on the carpet. it would dance to the music and i saw shapes of monkeys in the carpet and befriended them. they were friendly to me, and nice. everything about this trip was about being at peace and being peaceful with objects. I felt peaceful with my bf, the carpet, and expecially my water bottle. I drank a lot of water (i suggest that!). I rmemeber cleaning the carpet and feeling smelly (though i may have been) and sandy (which i was). I forgot about it and just melted intot he music enjoying the feelings and the sights. I was at peace with the room until a housefly flew in. he wouldnt settle down and be peaceful so i was not friends with him until he did. the wallpaper in the bathroom dances as well, which was the only good thing about the bathroom. i hated going in there, it waqs like a terrible chore, i peed about 20 times during the trip, it seems. at least 10. i drank a lot of water all night. i didnt want the visuals to end, i didnt know what i would do without them. they were like visitors showing me this new amazing rhelm of the world i never knew exisited.
later i started to get tired, and sat up talking at adam (who puked then smoked pot, which brought the effects backa little at that time). we talked for hours making a list of good and bad things during the trip. He went outside to pick a flower for his girlfiend and saw a raccoon, which he said scared the shit out of him.
My trip lasted until about 1 AM when i went to bed next to my boyfriend. I woke up happy, kinda loopy feeling, but good. It was an awesome first trip.

My recommendations is that girls should do it when they are least emotional, thats has worked for me. also drink water, tons of it. you'll feel much better the next day.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions - frosty_pawws@yahoo.com

Happy Trippin'!

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