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an awsome 1st

Ahh mushrooms.

Ahh mushrooms. My first trip was believe it or not in the greatest place in the world: Amsterdam.
It was me and 3 other guys. we took our cubesins at 4 pm. about 3 grams each. It is soooo kool to trip in a city full of lights.
We first started walking around, it took about an hour to kick in, I tought it would never kick in. When it hit, I thought I was floating. I guess I thought it was like getting high. it's much better. We walked around forever.
About 2 hours in we were laughing so much. I never laughed so hard in my life. I thought u could hurt yourself by laughing that much. I almost got hit by a train but they pulled me back. I wasn't paying attention. We laughed because we thought people thought we were funny. People speaking different languages is really funny.
later we started looking for a hotel. me and g were kinda paranoid when getting a hotel. one hotel was full and we thought they were kicking us out. we finally got one. we sat in there and went into deep thought. deep thought. really deep thought. I put water on my head and looked into a mirror, I traveled deep into my mind. I looked deep into my eyes. It was something else I loved it.
Then we went to the grasshopper a club/coffey house. We started trippen hard in the club, tons of lights and sounds. wow.
we had a budwieser in a bar when we were commin down....wwwooooeee. the cold bud down your mouth..wow. something else. I highly advise going to amsterdam.

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