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Hendrix + Vaughan

I had just got out of school and came home with a few of my friends.

I had just got out of school and came home with a few of my friends. We put in "Axis Bold As Love" and started to take some mushroom blue meade that had been made at an earlier time. After about 20-30 minuts I started to see shadows accross the room in a drak corner between the hall and closet. At this point the hendrix record was winding down so we took it out and put in "Could'nt Stand the weather" (SRV). The shadows kept growing more prominent and sharpend at the edges. We the took some more shrooms(I cant remember how much). As soon as the solo on Stevie Ray Vaughans version of Voodoo Chile came on the figures began to emerge. The next events were so bold and reals as day that they are etched in my memory for ever. One of the shadows came from the dark corner and started to clear up. It was Stevie Ray Vaughan. He was wearing his trademark flat brimmed hat, a black vest and a dark color shirt. I was staring in awe. My friends kept asking me what I was seeing and I was so in shock I could'nt speak. Seconds later the second shadow emerged. Wearing a purple silk shirt and a silver conche belt was standing Jimi himself. They didnt say anything. Just stood there. After about 4-5 minutes of staring at the images they just started to fade. I was heartbroken when it was over.

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