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My friends and I are seniors in highschool.

My friends and I are seniors in highschool. We were off from school on a holiday. I had the opportunity to buy an ounce of shrooms. Not wanting to let a chance like this pass. I bought it. I sold my friends hearty 1/8's at a cheap price. I didn't want to make a profit, off my friends.

A couple friends and I started to munch on our 1/8 bags, while we sat in one of their houses. One of my friends had never shroomed before and this was he first time, my other friend and I had shroomed many times before. As we finished eating, my friend who I had shroomed before with, suggested that I eat another 1/8 for fun, since I had an extra. Not thinking much of it, I gobbled it down. Then it was waiting time.

Twenty minutes later another one of my friends came over to the house we were at. Which was handy because we needed someone who wasn't shrooming there. About fifteen minutes later I felt like I was going to throw up. The feeling stayed with me for an hour. In that hour, my other friends that were tripping were having the time of there life's, while I was just sitting on the steps on the back porch wondering if I'm going to puke. Then I decided I wanted to be alone because I got a really un-easy feeling, like I wasn't in-control anymore, of anything. So I asked my friend who wasn't tripping to drive me to my house. He did, and we drove to my house, he kept asking me, why I wanted to go home, I kept saying "I dont know". When we got there, I went inside and he went back to where we were. I was home alone, tripping my balls off. I decided that I should just watch TV, so I'll forget that I'm fucked up. While I was watching TV, the actors on the TV's faces were getting real wide and short. It freaked the hell out of me. I would look at the wallpaper on the wall, and it would melt in front of my face. My dog looked like a wild wolf, with a demented head, and he would sit right in front of me, and stare. I thought my dog knew more about what was going on then I did. I thought there was a conspiracy to fuck up my head. I could not hold a thought in my head for any period of time. Then I went up to my room, thinking maybe I can sleep my way out of this problem. Worst mistake ever. I took off my pants and shirt, and laid in my bed with boxers on. Closed my eyes, and in a moment I saw the devil pop-up clear as day in head. I opened my eyes and I saw spots for a couple minutes. I put on my clothes and didn't even think of trying to fall asleep again. I went downstairs and looked out the window, and all my frieds were playing catch with a frisbee in the street. I went out there, I didn't tell them about anything that happened. I just played some frisbee, my thoughts became more clear, and I just had fun with the visuals, it was the best and worst trip of my life. I dont reccomend tripping by yourself.

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