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Hell turns 2 ectsacy

Lasnight I went to my friends house around 7 and we were thinking of how much we wanted to do.

Lasnight I went to my friends house around 7 and we were thinking of how much we wanted to do. I insisted on a full-eighth but he talked me down to a half since this was both of our first time shrooming.
So we both eat half an eighth of shrooms (i believe i may have had a little more cuz my shroom had a cap on it and was bigger than his), and my friend pukes up immediately due to the taste. He says he didnt lose any out of his mouth, but i think he did. I manage to have no nausea, luckily. So we walk to the top of his hill (about 15 - 20 minutes of the walk is through a little forest) and when we get to the top its about 8:20. I think i start to feel it, but I'm not sure. My friend says he doesnt feel anything, so we start thinking i got bunk shrooms even though i could see the blueness inside the stem and they look EXACTLY like cubies. So we're sitting at the top of the hill watching the sun go down, and again i still cant tell whether im convincing myself im coming up or whether i really am. Its getting pretty dark, so we start walking back down to his house at around 8:40 or so. At this point the trip starts hitting strong and fast. Visuals are appearing faster than on acid, but my friend still feels nothing. However the visuals are not enticing, they are like my previous acid trips (like tree branches start getting scary as hell faces and like acid the branches remind me of freaky cheshire cats). I start worrying that this is gonna be a bad trip, and thats when the beginning of my trip starts to get really bad. We finally manage our way back to his house and I'm dying to get into his room because the nature was totally freaking me out (oddly enough i wasnt as scared on acid). So we get to his room at around 9:20 and the trip is in full force, though nothing im seeing is happy or fun. I keep getting nasty thoughts and i was intent on falling asleep cuz i hated it so much though as you all know its impossible to sleep while tripping. I tell my friend i wanna throw away the rest of my shrooms im so pissed i never wanna trip again. Luckily he knows how to handle freakouts and he tells me to keep the rest of the shrooms, so i do.
Well my friend who still isnt tripping (at least not visually) goes out on the balcony to have a cigarette and i follow him but i go back in because at that point not only im bad tripping im cold as hell. so i go back in and put on my pants and wait until my friend comes back. meanwhile im still totally trippin just about to hit the peak and im kind of happy it wont get any stronger because instead of wading in like acid shrooms seem to throw you into the pool immediately (i guess i freaked out cuz i didnt know it would hit so fast).
so my friend comes in and finally talks me down a little and puts on Dazed and Confused to calm me down. Suddenly my trip becomes utterly amazing. We both pick up our guitars and play quietly while watching the movie and everything is just absolutely sublime. He still isnt seeing anything!! (he didnt see anything the entire trip, i was totally seeing shit everywhere, i must have a low tolerance) but i can tell hes trippin also by the way hes playin the guitar. amazingly enough i could really tell i was playing better than i usually do. it was totally chill. so were on the beginning of the peak in pure ecstacy, were both so happy just about everything. unlike acid, i had no paranoia and very little mindfuck. when his parents came home around 10:45 or so we actually engaged in full conversations with them easy, tho i was just having so much fun i had no paranoia. we go outside to his balcony and smoke some cigarettes and talk about bullshit (i mean i could actually follow the conversation and it was good conversation) so were out there for most of the peak talking (sounds boring but believe me i was having the time of my life) and we smoked about 2 packs altogether. the view from his house is quite amazing, and the forest below his balcony started to do funny shit (the trees looks like kids with afros and a few trees in this one area turned into this guy toking up a bowl on a pipe lol it was funny) i had open visuals the whole time if i cared to pay attention (everything was so colorful, and i had full 3d open visuals, small tho not hallucinations) and you know the obvious shit was happenin everywhere. i was the happiest id ever been in my life! so after a while we go back in and continue watching the movie (if any of you have seen the movie: the part where mitch kramer and his buddy go into the dance where they have a room with the blacklight and the flourescent flower poster, damn that was fuckin trippy) so we just hung out and chilled and played guitar and it was a ton of fun. by 2 am i was totally back to earth, though if i closed my eyes i saw little shit, but i felt so returned to reality its amazing) nothing i felt on this trip could be explained in words, you all know how it is. i actually enjoyed it as much and at points more than acid, i only hated the beginning cuz of my freakout. next time im doing 3/4 an eighth and my friend is doing a full to see if he can finally get visuals. so much fun, thanks for reading.
i plan to do my next band concert on half an eighth, i know i can handle it seeing how well i played while peaking :)

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