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hehehe a pleasent 1st time

my mate phil had grown alot of 'golden teacher' mushrooms.

my mate phil had grown alot of 'golden teacher' mushrooms. and me and my mates had about 15grams of it fresh blended up in orange juice. and anyways we drank up (it didnt taste too bad but it looked like sick) and then i didnt get nausia like ppl say but i got a funny feelin in my stomach but it wasnt bad. then i started feeling hyper and really happy an after about 20minutes we set off to the woods/field and on the 20minute walk i started feeling funny and had really nice feelings in my legs like i was totally relaxed but happy and excited at the same time and then generally thru out the whole trip i was thinking lots of strange thoughts but i wont go into them. but my hallucinations wer just colours floatin round in the pond. altho i felt alot of things that wernt ther. for agrs i thort i had a stone in my shoe but i cudnt find it when i took my shoe off then i realised ther was nothing there and when i realised that it felt like ther was 10 stones in my shoe pricking my foot. and when the wind blew on me it felt like i was puttin my self in water. and sumtimes the wind blew on my nose and it felt as tho it was made of sand an was blowing away in the wind. and then after when i calmed down we all sat in the sun talking lots and it felt really nice and peaceful and we looked at the clouds which was wer i saw lots of shapes of people and colours. also me and my friends all said it felt like our noses wer bleeding and our fingers wer bleeding. but not in a bad way it just felt like warm liquid was coming out and running down them. an i had a bit of red pen on my finger which made me see blood on my hands for a bit but i wasnt bothered. and i gradually eased off after a while and it was so nice over all tho. i got alot of great feelings tho like what felt like orgasms in my legs and that my body was being sucked in towards the middle.

ant xxx

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