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Heaven on Earth???

After a looooooooooooong day of travelling to a secret place I know for getting shrooms.

After a looooooooooooong day of travelling to a secret place I know for getting shrooms. Me, my friend and his gf were inside his house, we put about 12 fresh mushrooms inside the blender with some cranberry juice....They were really excited because it was their first time tripping on shrooms, for me it was my 10th time (i've also tripped on acid 2 times) had good trips, but not as the one im about to tell you.
We prepared three glasses, each of us would drink about 4 fresh mushrooms, I drank first, while my friend and his gf were paranoid about it since it was their first time, my friend drank it second, and his gf wouldnt drink it because she felt discusted. After like 5 minutes of trying to convince her to drink it, I started feeling some anxiety and a lot of enery, so i decided to go out.
As soon as I got out, I began to wonder if it is going to give us a good trip or not?
And there it started I felt light headed, my stomach felt different, my skin of my face started to shiver or breath, as if it is now talking to me. I look at my friends car and I it was actually kind of breathing, everything seemed different, even when i tried looking at space I would see some invisible lines that i could not see when im normal.
My friend came out of his house jumping, I got near him and told him the shrooms are kicking in so fast and so smoothly! His gf managed to drink half glass and we went out driving to buy some glowing sticks ( it was my friend's idea). As on our way, my friend's gf was driving and we god lost, we didnt want the glowsticks anymore. My friend put one of his techno cds specially for tripping. The music seemed deep, mind explosing, amazing!!! I had the feeling I was on a car and it was about to take off, I got lost in the music....soon the music went down and both of my friends were trying to talk to me, asking me for teh way back home. We managed to get back without any accidents, since my friend and his gf were so excited and started acting weird just as a first acid trip, while i had more experience in this and I was trying to explore things, analize people and just manage myself to stay calm.
The place were i Iive looked totally as a fantasy world ( something in the middle of Wizard of OZZ and Alice in Wonderlands. The outer world changed there were new shades of colors as they seemed alive, trees seemed like plastic, everything seemed the way it should in heaven, I cant imagine a better sight after a true hallucination, It was so real that I started saying to myself (everything in my entire life was just a fake reality and it was all a long imagination). my friend's gf had an urge to get inside a bathroom, when she cam eout she was acting liek a little kid ( come inside the toilet for women) it had continous patterns of tress and flowers, without any concentration they all moved.
After a while of exploring, I decided we should smoke some pot for a smoother trip, this trip was smooth, I could think and talk well, at least with my two friends, i wasnt confused and despersonalized as with acid.
I went back to my house to get my pipe, but it had dissapeared somehow, I knew the only person could be my mom, I didnt want to go ask her cause i want start acting weird, besides my pupils were huge, I got so pissed because the trip was going so well so far and it almost got into a start of a bad trip.
I decided to get back with my friends, they both were sitting and my friends's gf got very emotional and began to cry, she tried many other drugs but said that mushrooms are teh bets drug because the senses were fucntioning so well, there was an euphoria boost like MDMA and visuals were all cllear and beautiful.
I talked to them if they want to come with me to smoke in a friend's house, but they just sat there and told me that they would wait for me.
GOing to my friends house which was in the same community were i lived, I looked at the moon, then i looked straight and I would see 3 persons walking, then i looked up again and then staright but they dissapeared.
When i got inside my friends house, i gave him the weed and he was rolling 3 joints. Meanwhile lay down looking up at the air ventilator moving at its fastest, I dont know what music was that my friend put, but it was so deep, that for a while after looking at the ventilator I saw different figures getting closer to me, the ventilator rotation made me see some eyes and many other geometrical figures. For a while i felt my mind wanst here anymore, I felt some inmteraction happening between my body and the ventilator as if it had a life and somehow any little insignificant thing affects us in someway.
My friend called me for the joints, after smoking the first joint I got more calm, hallucinations were still present, small things such as garbage cans, posters, walls, were breathing. On my way back, both of my friends left, i thought they got arrested by police, so I just stayed all night walking until I touched reality again.
I've tripped before, many trips were confusing, more of brain functioning backwards and all messed up, but this trip was smooth, gentle and as always gave me much to learn.

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