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Haze That is Purple

I had just finished with drying out my first batch of Amazonians.

I had just finished with drying out my first batch of Amazonians... and I had put my mycelium cakes back in the fridge (old fridges properly clean make awesome Terrariums).
I took maybe five grams of 'shrooms. I decided not to smoke up. I called my friends and had them come over for some as well (of course I'm careful about letting people know I grow myself). They hada theirs and we took a walk down the railroad tracks (a very cool place, albeit dangerous).

We were walking to the tracks when it started to kick in, I noticed that I was tripping really hard because I was surrounded by green, and not the red that my friends were wearing (one of those epiphanies.. I would imagine). It was an incredible experience watching the people who live in the neighbourhoods near my house acting normal (it was dynamic). We walked and laughed, and cowered in fear of passing trains (We only saw two or three the whole day). We walked almost to the heart of the next town (about a half days walk). I noticed along te way that nothing seemed as it normally did on the tracks.. the shrubs that layed along the giant bridges seemed to sway with their own life (reminded me of kelp, with eyes). The tracks were soo hot and they seemed to be flowing like molten lava. When the trains past they didn't seem to belong on the railway.. they were moving so fast I though maybe they should be flying.

I remebered that during midday when the sun was hottest, and the sky was bluest there didn't seem to be any movement in the sky.. but as the day progressed the sky started to take on different colours (light blue, yellow, red) the sky seemed to sway, and undulate. When we arrived at our destination ( a particularily out of the way, and particularily massive bridge, where I went to a few very large field parties) we climbed to the top, and watched the sun set (and waited for a scheduled party to start) I noticed that the entire horizon was alive, and not just alive as in cellular biology, actually alive, I noticed that the sunset was purple and moving, and amazingly surreal. It really looked like a cover of a Hendrix album. When finally the sun was in its final hour I noticed a fog start to roll in from the cooling of the damp woods to the north of us, the fog was illuminated by the brilliant sliver of sunset, and it was definately a purple haze, which was not just 'in my brain'.
The entire day was very surreal, and when I got home I wondered how much of it was actually real.
- Jared

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