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Amsterdam- 1st trip!

My boyfriend and I just got back from our first trip to Amsterdam, and it will certainly not be our last!

My boyfriend and I just got back from our first trip to Amsterdam, and it will certainly not be our last!

After smoking some unbelievably strong weed, we wandered up Leidsestraat and found a tiny smart shop on the corner. It sold 3 different types of mushroom, but I only recognised one name- psyilocybe cubensis. We bought a dose each and went back to the hostel to wait for the dope to wear off.

I ate my 1.5g of fresh mushroom and lay down on my bunk. Sometime later, I can't tell when, it may have been minutes or hours, I began to feel very numb and warm, and so comfortable I didn't want to move. I wondered whether the shrooms were kicking in and looked around the room to see if I could notice anything odd. Eventually I began to focus on a one of the big square continental pillows on the bunk opposite, and found that I could make it breathe. If I concentrated correctly, it began to move up and down and it seemed to have a skin that moved. I switched my attention to the windowsill, where, again if I looked in the "correct" way, i could see the dirt and paint begin to swirl slightly.

I started trying to describe this to my boyfrined, I was saying
"It's soooo subtle, it's so gentle". I felt I had complete control and wondered how anybody could have a bad trip.

Just then the pains kicked in, really sharp in my abdomen, like individual muscles were contracting. It hurt when I moved and I stayed perfectly still as much as possible. I decided to smoke some weed to try to numb it. This is when things got really weird.

My memory of it is patchy and blurred, but I clearly remember staring at the carpet, my eyes watering like I was crying. First I saw deer heads, loads of them, in the (unpatterned) carpet. And soon different animals, dogs and bears. Eventually the carpet became like an ocean, with waves.

There is a blank space in my memory here, where I dont know what happened. The next thing was noticing my own reflection in a painting hung on the wall. Staring at it, my face began to change, and become many different faces, male, female, chinese, black. I saw my hand grow fat and bloated, and watched my own eyes become huge and black.

I shut my eyes and watched a fantastic visual display. Rainbow-like lazer patterns whizzed in front of my eyes, fanning out in front and back. I saw the hindu god Ganesh the elephant and several other indian-like god-figures!

Here again is a blank space, next thing I am lying on a different bunk and am coming down. My boyfriend is coming up, and we are talking. I can feel the mushroom wearing off in waves, I can recall it at will, but it goes again. I see if I can still make the pillow breathe, and I can.

The whole thing, in real time, lasted for 6 hours. During that whole time, I was in complete control and not scared at all. The sharp pains did come and go, but I feel they are a lesson. I think the way you react to the mushroom is dependent on where you are in spiritual terms, and it will tell you what you are doing wrong. I have stuff to work on, the pains were telling me that. My boyfriend went into a level 5 merging-with-the-infinite trip (also on 1.5g cubensis, and weed) with no pains at all- I envy him!

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