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harmony and euphoria

it was this summer, 3/8/2000,in mallorca.

it was this summer, 3/8/2000,in mallorca.Me and my friends decided to go on our every summer trip.Each one of us took 3 shrooms...we all were in the woods near the soft sooyhing beach.I laid back,closed my eyes,and enjoyed the soothing melody of the birds,the trees moving slowly w/ the breeze and me,i was connected to nature,i was nature.I suddendly felt a sudden rush through my head...i opened my eyes i saw all my friends as butterfly's...they still had their same faces but their bodies were made from butterfly's, it was amazing to see them flutter around, they all had different color's, in the background i saw a leaf blowing through the wind...it's trails were amazing to look at...the leaf was fluttering around in twirls of circles and making such delicate movements...i got stuck in a feeling of harmony...i never felt so invisible and i felt my soul full of color's...i knew that this was a feeling of exitement...my boyfriend and me then had sex...the smooth sand was as the air passing by...his body felt like powder...i felt like a flower coming to birth in spring i felt so sudden and fresh...sex was a perfect feeling it was so much better than usual...i was connected and protected by nature...i then heard the splashes of the waves...i stood up and saw a wave coming towards me...it was a water fairy floating towards my naked body...she touched my forehead and took my hand...i followed her...i felt like a wave...i felt smooth and fresh my body was splashing into particles of water...i was free like the wave...i suddendly didn't see light anymore i was gone...the last thing i knew was that my friends took me out of the cooling but deathly water...if my friends wouldn't have been there i probably would be dead...but i will never say that shrooms are bad...a bad trip can happen and a good trip may happen it all depends on your feelings,personality,and surroundings...good luck to all you cool shroom eaters...

your trip friend "shroomslug"

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