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Hard to do but glad I did.

It’s not really mentioned in this story but while your reading it remember I was fucked up and tripping hard too.

It’s not really mentioned in this story but while your reading it remember I was fucked up and tripping hard too.
I have taken shrooms and pretty much most other drugs allot so I know what to expect. And I might add that I have never ever had a bad trip. One night though on collage me and a friend decided to take mushies (him for the first time) I didn’t know it at the time but there were two reasons we shouldn’t have taken them that night. 1st my friend is bi-polar and off his meds. 2nd the night we took it a huge cyclone hit my town and made the weather really eerie.

Anyway we ate a fair bit maybe 4/5g of dry Psilocybe eucalypta we smoked a few bowls waiting for it to come up. But it still hadn’t hit after maybe 45 min so we decided to go for a walk to get our metabolism going. As soon as we left the room we started to feel like we were floating and on our own little planet. As soon as we got to the ovals we both had the feeling like we were in “lord of the rings” or something it felt like we were two warriors on a quest.

So we started break dancing in the middle of the oval with no shirts on in REALLY heavy rain and heaps of wind. It felt as if we were the best dancers in the world and we both soon had the feeling as if we had won the land by dancing as if we were now kings of the ovals. We wandered further off the ovals and decided to get out of the rain, under a pergola me and my friend sat, it was only a tin roof and the sound of the rain was really loud on the roof, so loud we had to yell to hear each other.

This is when shit got bad for my friend he started preserving the sound of the rain as lots and lots of people screaming and crying at him. And felt really scared of the tennis shed so much that he didn’t even talk just sat there shaking. So I said lets leave, we walked into a dirt car park and there was rain running in little channels in the ground, my mate saw this as blood all over the floor and freaked out so much so that he couldn’t move.

Here is some advice if this happens to you. I just talked my friend through it, you have to remind him that he took the mushies to get this effect, and even though it’s a bad trip its still a trip which is what he wanted. This sort of worked and he and I soon were on our way back to the ovals. When we got there it felt as if there were hundreds of thousands of people rejoicing upon our return. And my friend felt a little bit better, but he was still having a bad trip. I decided to do heaps of shit to distract him, we played lots of little games and he soon forgot about his bad trip. Or so I thought. We got our clothes and went back to collage.

When we got back there was a real weird feeling there like something was about to happen that was bad. Maybe the cyclone! My friend said he was tripping out to hard and felt really paranoid so he wanted to go to bed. I let him go off on his own. 5 minutes later another friend came and said she saw my mate crying and he told her that he was upset because I was angry that he and I didn’t complete the quest.

I looked everywhere and finally found him in his friends room, when I walked in the first thing he said to me was “dude I think I need to go to the emergency room” he had massive pupils and was shivering a shit load. I was a bit worried but for some reason concluded he would have mild hypothermia causing the shivering and the pupils were obvious. I just sat down and talked to him told him exactly how mushrooms worked and why he was feeling so paranoid. We got him settled down and he said he was never going to do drugs again. But we’ll just see what happens.

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