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happy shroomies!

Hmm well i'll just explain breifly about my first shroom trip.

Hmm well i'll just explain breifly about my first shroom trip....me and my boyfriend were big ass pot heads, we smoked pot about 7 -15 times a day, using anything from pails, shoots, bongs and pipes....we basically just liked beeing fuct, with eachother..but neways..we'd talked about all the drugs we wanted to try together, and shrooms were one of them...my boyfriend was an expert in shrooms, seeing he had done them 7-10 times b-4, but me well i had only ever done acid,pot,2ct-7 and other stuff...so shrooms were new to me....so neways i came over to his appartemnt around 12 in the afternoon ready to do shrooms...he ended up getting 8 grams...so i was pumped...we waited until about 2 o clock to do the shrooms tho...i was a bit nervous cuz i really didnt know wut to expect, but i was also excited...his room mates left the appartent and thats when we decided that it was time to do the shroomies.since it was my 1st time we decided that we'd drink it in tea. i brang tea bags and my b.f made tea...he then chopped them up with his hands and put about 3 and a half grams - 4 grams into my cup...he then put the rest in his cup..we then started drinking. IT tasted a little odd and we both thought that it wasnt going to work...well about a half hour 2 45 min later we were both finished drinking most of the tea (we ended up talking and doing other stuff during the proccess of drinking) then after about 30 min my b/f stated that he started to feel sick.. i was perfectly fine at this point and i realized that he was starting to feel the trip...about 15 min later i realized that he was fuct...he was just happy and hyper and laughing at everything...shortly after u started to feel weird..i felt as tho all the blood in my body was rushing thru my veins..this was an awesome feeling.then i started to get hyper and needed to move around alot....i looked at my b.fs comp monitor, it was fuct up and,the visuals were awesome...everything was just twisting and turning...so then i decided that i had to move around, so i started typing a story on his comp..it was a very fuct up ryhming story about a girl...by this time it was about 4:00 my b.f said that he feelt a lil sick and he lied down on his bed, i started to ask him questions about how he was feeling then typed them as fast as possible on the comp...i had so much fuckin energy..and didnt feel sick at all...then about 20 min later his room mates came home..hes roomated wouldnt stop bothering us, then i started to realize that we had pot and they wanted to smoke sum...i saw alot of truth on shrooms, and just diffrent things about ppl..i was annalyzing things alot as well...so since i was in such a genourous happy mood. i looked at my b/f and told him to kik a sesh..(it was my pot neway) so all 4 of us kiked a sesh. after the pot we hung out sum more in my b.fs room just finding things to amuse ourselves such as loud music and computer games...i then got a sudden rush of energy and felt as tho i had to walk around and jump..so i looked at my b.f and asked him if we could race from the 18th floor of his appartent to the basement...(we'd always talked about doing this and i thought since i felt so strong and energized we should do it now) at 1st he didnt want to but then he gave in...so we took the elavator to the 18th floor. The people on the elevator were hallariously funny. and both me and my b/f were fuct out of out brains... when we got 2 the 18th floor we each walked to the stairwell,by this point i felt a lil sick an didnt know if i really wanted to do this..but i figured it was worth a try...so we headed off...doing the stairs was amazingly fun..i jumped a few sets, and ran the rest.. i felt apsolutely no tiredness, no pain and no heavy breathing or lung problems...it was an amazing feeling of just pure strength and energy. My b.f beat me by a min or so. then we decided to sit outside and rest..even tho i felt as tho i could keep going, he got a lil tired...as we sat outside things were very beautiful...my b.f was beautiful too, and hes features looke incredible...we sat and talked about the earth 4 a bit..we then had a few deiturbances, like ppl walking by..then the most fucked up thing happend about 7 or 8 lil kids ran by all wearing church clothes and suits...me and my b.f looked at eachother and just started pissing oursleves...everything at this point seemed as tho it was tv show or movie..and people characteristics were largly shown...we then decided to go inside...a fe wnew ppl came to the appartment, this was cool to see new faces.. then me and my b.f decided to go back to his room turn off the lights and leave the comp on.. we listend to the song "6 feet underground" by ja rule 4 almost the whole day and night..this was weird seeing that we normally dont listen to rap.. but this song was soo hallarious 2 us that we hadta keep playing it over and over..music was very amazing on shrooms...we sat down 4 about an hour 2 2 hours and talked and played rock paper scissors and just stupid games like that...at this point everything was going awesome..we felt no pain and we felt happy. The time seemed to be passing by very slow, as tho it was almost oblivious... and visuals such as dressers and coffie tables were distorted... after wards i started 2 feel lil tired and just lied down on my b/fs bed and closed my eyes, (and watched visuals) i also a few problems with weather... every so often it would either get really cold or really hot..so i bundled up in my b.fs big hoodie!... then he asked me if i wanted to go to the convineint store with him (it was about 3 min away) but i was to tired and said no...he left, but after about 2 min of beeing alone, i started to get sad.. so i got up and happily thought i'd fallow him...my b.fs a very fast walker tho so by this time he was half way down the street... i jolted down the street and walked really slow just enjoying myself and the outside land.. it was about 9 o clock at this point...so there i was, a teenage girl walking on the street in the dark tripping on shrooms...i got half way when i realized that my b,f was no where to be found...i started to panic because there was no way of getting back into the appartment without him...so i sat down on a street corner and just starred and thought of wut i should do...then a few guys came up to me and started talking to me and putting there arms around me, i started to panic and wanted to cry.. but then all there g/fs started comming around and appologized.. by this point i felt comforted by the girls and was very happy that they were there.. they were all extremely hi, and i was on shrooms so it was a very interestingly stupid convo... after about 15 min i went back to the appartemt.. and stood in the hallway, then a few friends came down and opened the door..so i was let in..my b.f was waiting at the elevator i started freaking on him..he said by the time i was half way down the street he was already back...but then we were ok and just chilled...we hung out on the appartment steps 4 a bit. and thats when we both started to have emotional battles..our brains were going crazy..i thought very hi things about myself and very low sad things about myself..me and my b/f helped eachother thru and got better..then we went back to his room and he gave me skittles that he bought me..i jumped 4 joy and gave him a huge hug, we contantly ate our food and chilled 4 the rest of the night just watching weird ass visuals and shit....around 12 o clock i hadta go home...my trip lasted up until 12:20 but my b.f was still trippin till like 3 am....the trip was farely awesome but next time im doing waaaaaay more maybe about 7 -8 grams...cuz this trip wasnt intense enough but it was fun.....
next trip ACID with my b/f it will be his 1st time and my 4th ! this should be fun lates all u shroomers

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