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Happy Halloween

A girl's trip!

A girl's trip! My friend was having a Halloween party, and it seemed like a great time to trip. I brought about 5 grams in a container of orange juice (yes, that vitamin C theory really does seem to be true!) and drank it sporadically over a period of 2-3 hours. I felt the effects almost immediately. I felt very euphoric, similar to drunkeness. All self-consciousness was gone. I talked to total strangers, handing them my "shroom juice" saying, "here, drink this." People came back for more, believe me. What made this trip so great was all the costumes people were wearing. Imagine tripping while watching people walking by in rabbit, Marilyn Manson, devil, blotter acid, Raggedy Ann, and Pirate costumes, not to mention people in togas, gas masks, fake afros, guys in drag or wrapped in plastic and wearing women's underwear! I don't think I would've believed it sober! Me and a friend just sat on the couch for 2 hours watching the insanity before our eyes. People were staring down at me like I was a museum exhibit.

I was pretty fucked up. The best Halloween I've ever had.

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