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Happy Birthday to Me

There I was on my 19th birthday, walking around town with a smile on my face for the first time in a long time.

There I was on my 19th birthday, walking around town with a smile on my face for the first time in a long time. I knew my friends and I were planning a trip this evening and I was eagerly awaiting the shrooms. We went to a friends house later that day to get the shrooms and purchased four 1/8's of the little, golden capped beauties, that had been recently picked. Later in our dorm room we handed out the 1/8's one for me, one for a friend, one for two friends to split and the last one I gave to my friend with the instructions that he only ingest half of the baggie. We only wanted him to eat half of them because drugs hit him like a freight-train. Sitting happily munching down the shrooms we all began talking, while my low tolerance friend began playing video games. Ten minutes later he hands me an empty bag. My mouth dropped. He says to me,"What? Wasn't I supposed to eat the whole thing?"

I reply,"No, you weren't. But it's a little too late to argue now." After assuring him that he was in very little, actual danger we warned him that he was going to trip very hard. After a mutual laugh we all just sat back and relaxed, waiting for the effects to begin. My trip was phenomenal, I was pulling visuals of everything. Walls, lights, the ceiling, people's faces all worked magic with my mind. My body was completely relaxed and almost euphoric. A friend came over to our room to give a present, as it was my birthday, it was a ring in a little white box. The box had an interesting texture to it and I sat there for almost an hour rolling it around in my hand. I didn't look inside, I just sat there stuck on the texture of the box. So amazed by this box was I, that I passed it around to everyone in the room who was shrooming. They failed to see it's magic.

My low-tolerance friend was on a massive trip, he was sitting peeping out of the window, right underneath the blinds to the street below, thinking he was in a fish bowl.

At the end of our trip we were all laying in the hallway outside my dorm room, when my neighbor came home. She stopped and talked to us for a bit and then proceeded into her room. On her way in my low-tolerance friend says out loud,"Man I'd really like to bone the Hell out of her." "Shut up man she might hear you," was my reply.
"I did hear you," was hers.
After a serious round of laughter, we all decided that that was a perfect time to call it a night. The trip ended, but we are all still riding my friend about what he said to my neighbor.

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