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Happy Birthday 2 Me

It was my birthday and I was having a party at my house.

It was my birthday and I was having a party at my house. my little brother stop by earlier in the day to see if i wanted him to pick me some shrooms. I had always wanted to try them so i told him i try them. He came back about two hours later with a paper bag full of shrooms. He threw them in a blender with some kool aid and ice. So i downed it and waited. At first i was dissapointed and then it hit me i started seeing chasers. that was the start.

About an hour in I felt my whole body just tingling everywere it was the most amazing feeling like waves over my body it felt better than any orgasim. Then the party people arrived at this point i only wanted to be around my brother he was the only one who was on my "leveL". i felt tlike they were all so dumb like i knew everything and they were just lemmings trying to be cool. This drug made my mind expand in ways i never thought possible my thoughts actually had layers its hard to explain.

Then i went to a room and closed the door i layed in my bed and stared at the ceiling which was the popcorn kind. i could actually see rivers flowing i must have sat there for and hour. The whole time i was on shrooms all i could worry about was finding more so that i may try it again.

All i can say about my first time was that it changed my life i appreciate so much more i acnt believe that anyone would want to outlaw this beatiful fungus i am now growing my own and taking in everthing it has to offer.

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