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I'll start out by saying that drugs effect me in weird ways.

I'll start out by saying that drugs effect me in weird ways. It's hard to explain the drug experience, but since my experiences seem to differ from other people's, I'll just let you know right now what the details are:

1. I took VERY roughly (no scale, it seemed like a large amount) 1/8th of shrooms (4 caps, 2 stems)

2. I had no real "visuals", but I got a lot of (short lasting) patterns after smoking a bowl. And near the peak, it looked like things were slightly "bent". Like maybe at a 10 degre angle. Just slightly.

3. It doesn't fit in any of the "normal trip levels" So I'd say it was around 2 1/2 to 4, because of the various affects that I did/didn't get.

Ok. Me and my friends wanted to shroom, but of course, it was not planned out very well, but we did manage to get enough for all of us. We went walking around at the beginning of the trip, but we went inside before the peak, because we were geting kinda paranoid. Walking around was fun, but I mostly just had a body high. However, right before the peak, I did a hit of nitrous, and for about 0 seconds, all I could think was "wow". Everything had turned different shades of blue for 30 seconds.

We went inside and watched the Matrix, a movie that I love. However, to all of us (about 5 people, and we had all seen it, and liked it) it seemed incredibly cheesy for some reason. It kinda sucked. When I do shrooms (well, I've ony done them twice) I get lots of ego loss, but not many visuals. That kind of sucks, but good acid is even harder to get than shrooms in my town.

Overall, it was a pretty good trip, but I'm not able to have as much fun as I should, because the ego loss thing always hits me hard. Is this normal for a novice tripper? Will I be able to "conquer" or deal with the ego loss better when I get more experienced? Will I be able to get visuals, too? Does vitamin C work to enhance visuals? Or will I possibly get better visuals with homegrown shrooms? I'm using the SA (south american) strain. I was told that this strain was known for its visuals.

Thanks for listening!

I post occasionally to the shroomery message board. My screen name is "Some old guy" Or you can email me at crackattack@hotmail.com

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