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Amsterdam Trip

This was my first time trying shrooms and I was in a foreign country that I felt a little out of place in, but it was very fun and stimulating.

This was my first time trying shrooms and I was in a foreign country that I felt a little out of place in, but it was very fun and stimulating. I thought that since I was kind of uncomfortable being in a new country 5000 miles from home, I would have a bad trip, but it was great and I had a lot of fun. I bought 4 whole shrooms the afternoon I arrived in Amsterdam. I think it was about an 1/8th all together. I was in my small hotel room on the top floor the whole time and it was about 1 in the morning when I ate the first shroom. I had waited a little long to take them because after I ate the first one and drank some water I took about an hour nap. After waking up, I got nausious but didn't throw up. After that passed, I munched down the other 3 shrooms and waited patiently and listend to some Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nappy Roots. About 45 minutes after taking the last three I noticed I was really paying attention the lyrics and could understand what they were rapping about even though it was very fast which seemed odd to me because I had paid attention before and couldn't understand most of the words. This was very cool because while I was listening to the tunes I got a very good vibe and started feeling very euphoric and happy while laughing at everything I thought of. After listening to both cd's and really 'hearing' the music for the first time I gazed up at the ceiling to notice the light was breathing. I started chuckling and thinking to myself, "okay, this is what I'm looking for." I looked directly into the light and noticed that there was a weird pattern flashing on the light. It was a light red pattern that kept shifting and moving around the light. Then the ceiling around the light seemed to be swallowing the light and making it smaller. I thought this was very unusual so I decided to go into the bathrooma and open the window and smoke a bowl of white widow with a sprinkling of blonde hash. After smoking about half the bowl I realized I was really starting to trip. It was about 3 am by now and I was looking out the window and watching the clouds roll by and noticing how bright the lights were and how peaceful I felt. If I could have bottled that feeling and kept it forver I would have because that has to be the best feeling in the world. The clouds were almost textured as they seemed pressed against the night sky. The cool night breeze and the light rain felt very nice on my skin and hair. After an hour or so of sitting at the window I decided it was time to hit the sack and call it a night..but oh no, I laid down and put on some tunes and experienced that feeling of peace, an extremely clear and creative mind that could solve almost any problem and answer any question I could think of..and the visuals seemed to be dying down but they were still there...the walls were breathing as usual and the lights and wall had spider web looking patters on them. All in all, it lasted from about 2 am to 8 am and was very, very fun and mind opening. The next time I take shrooms I think I will take a full quarter so I can experience more visuals and more of the clear mind and awesome thought process and feelings you experience. Shrooms are awesome!

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