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Halloween Party

Hello everyone, This trip was my first realy good experience with shrooms.

Hello everyone,

This trip was my first realy good experience with shrooms. I

had eaten them before, but never tripped this good. I had grown my first batch of shrooms, PF tek Psilocybe cubensis, and was realy ready to trip hard. After several attempts at dosing my self I was kind of disapointed because I wasnt having those awsome visuals that are supposed to go along with a good shroom trip. This time would be different though. Place, A good friends house. Time, Halloween night.

Dosage, A handfull of fresh picked shrooms blended with OJ and about four Vit.C tablets.

I started off by drinking my mixture at my home around 6:00 pm. Then in a matter of minutes my wife, son, and I were off to the party. Half way there I started to feel the energy inside of me building up. Also I started to burp up the shrooms and OJ. Yuck. I stopped at a liquor store to buy beer.It was a BYOB party. Upon entering the store I knew right away that I was starting my journey. The whole store was a bright haze. Walking up to the coolers I could hardly contain myself from laughing at all the people who could'nt make up their minds on what beer to buy. I made my purchase and got the hell out of there.

We arrived at the party several minutes later. I felt the confusion of my mind start to kick in. I did'nt know what to leave in the car or what to bring with me inside. I just said f**k it and grabed my son and his diaper bag. Walking up to my friends house I knew that this was the place to trip. They had the most incredibly decorated house in the neighborhood. The whole front lawn was set up like a graveyard. Colored lights, Spooky music, a strobe light, full size coffin, and even a life size Crypt Keeper that moves and tells demented jokes. My friend spent most of the night giving tours to people who just had to stop and look.

When we finaly got inside the house I was kind of scared because alot of her family was there, and I didnt know anyone. I wasn't about to let that stop me from having a good time though. Within minutes pizza arrived and everyone chowed down except me. They were asking me why I wasn't eating, and I said "I already ate" with a big fat grin on my face. I decided that the best place for me was in the living room, away from everyone else, with the kids and the T.V. I sat down and started watching some Scooby Doo Halloween special. The next hour or so I sat there and experienced some pretty bad nausea. I thought for sure I was gonna puke. I almost thought to leave the party and go to sleep. I asked my my friend if I could smoke some buds. She told me to wait a minute. After what seemed like eternity she motioned for me to come outside to the garage.

Then shes like "hey roll it up!" It took me about 10 minutes to roll a joint. All the while I'm laughing at everything she says funny or not. I lit up my joint and took three huge tokes to myself before I passed it. Several more people came in and I shared my smoke with them. Another couple of hits and I was done.

This is when my trip took off like a rocket. I left the garage, and made my way back into the house. I was way off balance, almost tripping over my own feet, but it was no big deal because everyone at the party was drunk anyway.

I sat back down in the living room and watched more TV. I was zoning out big time. At one point I noticed I had to take a leak. So I find my way to the bathroom. Here, in the bathroom of all places, I have my peak.

While I am taking a piss I happen to look down at my urine stream. All of a sudden it changes from yellow to blue to red, green, yellow, orange. I then look up and the whole bathroom is just swaying in the breaze. Every thing starts changing colors. I still have no idea what color her bathroom is today. All I could say was "Whoa man". I calmly left the bathroom, and made my way back to seat. Sitting down I tried to hold my composure. The room was now surounded by stars and little point of lite. Every movement now was followed by long muticolored trails. My mind was racing. In a normal tone I ask my friend "Can I ask you a serious question?" She says sure, then I say "What color is you bathroom?" I laugh half way though the sentence realizing what a stupid sounding question that is to someone who is not tripping. She just said "OK, I think you've had enough shrooms" I just laughed.

The next two hours I just sat and tripped out while watching Poltergiest. That movie is intense when you shroom I felt the terror. It gave me chills up and down my spine. Later my wife comes up to me and hand me a beer. I just realize that I havn't had one the whole time.

She's hammered by the way. I open the can and take a drink.

The carbonation realy freaks me out and it nearly bubbles out of my mouth. Also I cant even taste the beer. It just tasted like carbonated water. I could only manage to drink half of it.

An hour later I felt more like myself again and decided that I was good enough to drive us home. We said our goodbyes at the party and left. The ride home was uneventful, and I just concentrated on the road. When we got home I noticed that I was still tripping lightly. I opened the door to hour apartment, and I could have sworn that it wasn't ours. My wife reasured me that it was. We put the kid to bed, and proceeded to have some of the best sex I have ever experienced. I won't go into details, but the shrooms gave me some staying power. Afterwards, my wife fell fast asleep. I on the other hand was still wide awake.

I decided that I needed to smoke some more pot. So I pulled out good old mellow yellow, thats the name of my bong, and got ready to pack it up. To my suprise I found a nugget of kind bud that I totaly forgot I even had. JOY!. I loaded my bong twice and enjoyed it thouroughly. Then I had the crazy notion to clean the house. So I did. When that was done I did one more bong and curled up under some blankets and watched some late night TV. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling only a slight headache, but having a new respect and outlook on a lot of things in my life.

Thanks for reading.



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