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I'd just come back from holiday and was chilling wit my friends talking about whats been going down in the past week and after a while it came to plans for the night.

I'd just come back from holiday and was chilling wit my friends talking about whats been going down in the past week and after a while it came to plans for the night. Some of them (including me) had shrooms left from our picking excursions and discussed the possibility of going to this guys party on a small i.e. level 1/2 dose as they'd done this before and send it was good if there are other people who are getting stoned to socialise with. It came to the evening and I dropped about 50-70 of those little semileniceata chappies. We trekked up to this guys house but it turned out to be more of a skaters getting drunk and listening to punk do, and the guy was getting stressed for some reason so we decided to leave and go back to my friends house. On the way down we met the Swiss exchange dude from our school, Flo, having missed his friends so he came back with us, and as we conversed over the 2 metre skunk plants he has back home and raving on the continent, I began to feel slightly lighter and talkative. When we got back I just thought: I really want to have a good trip, as its a great house to trip in, I'm with people who are good for tripping with and I was'nt too keen on the party idea, so I dropped another 100 mushies about an hour after I'd taken the original dose AND a friend sent me a furthur 20.

We were just sat around casually at first like if we'd been toking when I realised the room was reacting to the tunes I'd put on. The walls were breathing and glowing and the pictures on the wall were shifting and changing size. I began to space out a bit and went upstairs into my friends bedroom to start to properly go on some form of inner journey or just to maximize the trip expeience (I'd only ever hit level 1 or possibly 2 before so Iwasn't sure what to expect). I began to realize just how tripping I was when everything began to feel like it was from another world (or that I was leaving this one) and the music and my surroundings merged into this one seething mass of psychedelic emotion. My other 2 most tripping buddies came up as the others went to a halloween party next door (which at the time I didn't know was going on). I introduced them to the trip tape I'd made, which I must say is rather good (track listing at bottom). We were all properly tripping and turned the lights off o the room was lit by the moon and the stars shining in and the lights of the hi-fi, and this intensified the visuals as many patterns began to emerge in sync with the enviroment. I began to feel like at the same time I was fused into my surroundings, and I was reaching some higher plateau of thought. We started to talk about how incredible this was and were relating tales of other drug experiences-but this didn't feel like a drug, it was like an emotion. As we talked we began to discuss things such as our lives, the future, society and the such, but it wasn't like a normal discussion it was like we'd broken through some metaphysical barrier and were communicating (which is, after all, conversing ideas) at a higher level. I was constantly changing my seating position and was moving almost in the way a tai-chi master would. It felt like I was more alive than ever as my senses were more perceptive than ever, and I could also visualise my webs of thoughts in the room. It could be called a sort of bonding ritual and I felt my ascent into proper deep buddha smoking and changing of lifestyle had been building to this, it really has changed my life in certain ways i.e. the way I think about certain things and I can now pick up on psychedelic properties of other drugs, namely cannabis. During mypeak I eceived a hallucination I have had on another trip since then-a guide. It seemed to have perfect 3D physical form even though it was only a few inches tall, and its marble like texture of colours it emitted seemed more real than real. It was kind of huanoid (think half way between the character on the Tribe Called Quest album covers and the frog flying downt the tunnel on some Peter Gabriel video I don't know the name of) and it said in a voice similar to my own: "hello", and emitted some feeling that it was hardly noticing me but was friendly. I would call it almost a spiritual experience.

A note on some incredible trippimg music: I'm not one to force my ways onto others, but an album that really is sonically progressive and where the tracks are better described as soundscapes - Orbital's "In Sides". There are only six songs on the original version (later updated to seven) but it clocks in at 75 minutes of music where each sound is individually crafted to fit into the 3D universe of psychedelia. Me and my friends listening to this is one of the greatest experiences of my life. It truly was a collective journey. But I don't want to spend hours talking about this, instead I'll move on to the latter part of our trip-the halloween party.

We'd just gone outside for a smoke when we saw some cool green and purple fluorescent lighting coming from next door accompanied by some funky tunes-and a guy in a 5" Womble outfit, and Darth Maul, and an axe murderer, and Gomez Addams, and Dr. Evil, and... you get the idea. The party was pretty cool as it was hosted by some cool twenty-somethings, so the atmosphere was jolly but not too mad to handle. There were many fine young women, masses of beer, some good bud going round (great for coming down) and really cool settings. We hung around a bit having amusing conversations with pissed people, meeting back with our friends and chilling for a bit with Flo as he listened to our trip talk and played with the Vodka jelly someone had made (a seriously great trip toy), but after a while went for a little walk as I was getting a little tired of people coming up to me and drunkedly asking me "SO YOU'VE DROPPED 170 MAGIC MUSHROOMS ARE YOU ALRIGHT" (this was at about midnight/one-ish). The sound of autumn leaves under our feet was cool, and the tracers off my friends spliff were just incredible. We went back into his room, still tripping thinking we were over the peak, but with the help of Pink Floyds "Dark Side of the Moon" found there was still a fair bit of it to go. We were in a more of a floating in womb feling whilst listening to this, and I felt like I was in love with the world. Finally we put on some Return to the Source ambient meditation on and drifted off into serenity as the eternal night went on.

The next morning I awoke with the feeling of being revitalised, and had a day of relaxation to appreciate my journey. It was incredible, although I probably only hit level 3. This is definitely a realm I need to enter more often.

"Psychedelic Science" track listing
(amazingly well crafted journey-like leftfield elctronics)

ORBITAL-"The Girl With The Sun In Her Head"
THE POT HEADS-"Chant Of The Sun"
MARK VAN HOEN-"First Steps"
THE ORB-"Montagne D'Or"
side 2
RONI SIZE-"Madcat"
ULTRAMARINE-"Rusian Roulette"
LEFTFIELD-"Feel The Pressure"
JOSE PADILLA-"Day In Paradise"
PINK FLOYD-"Eclipse"
(I know some artists are repeated and this seems like a really narrow minded thing to do, but the tracks are just so great)

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