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Gypsy Caravan

This is the story of my second trip.

This is the story of my second trip. My first is "kissing triangles", if you care.

Anyhow, This is what happened. Every summer over the second weekend of july there is a festival called Oregon Country Fair. It's a huge conglomeration of crafts, music, buskers, naked hippies and what-not, held outside of Eugene Oregon. This was my third year and I wanted to make it special. Originally I was just hoping to get some nice weed and smoke out, but that wasn't happening. The local police were out and trying to stop people from doing anything illegal. (Kind of like fighting the tide there)

I was walking through the forest paths getting increasingly annoyed with my lack of success. When suddenly I made eye contact with a beautiful woman standing about twenty-five feet down the path. As I got closer she asked if I wanted any shrooms. I said yes and she told me she knew a good place. She took off in the crowd and I followed her through the throngs of people, to the gypsy stage. She made a few twists in our path and we came out behind the caravan. She had a large bag filled with eigths. She made me an extra fat bag since she didn't have any change and we parted ways. I bought some gumbo from a food stand and went to eat with two of my friends.

I was the only one who was going to trip so I decided I might as well make it a good one. I took almost everything she had given me. Slightly over an eigth of an ounce dried. But it was potent stuff.

It took a while to kick in. But when it did I was happy. The first thing I noticed was that I really wanted to sit down. My friends and I found a spot near an improv blues band and I sat under a tree, my mind wandering between blues and buddha and the amazing colors of nature. That was one of the most amazing things from that trip. Every color I saw was so vivid, I felt like I had never really seen colors before. After a while I decided to try sitting as still as I could. I felt like I was a statue. I started wondering what it would feel like to become part of the tree I was sitting against, And I started to feel it. My body felt like it was melting into the tree.

I was distracted by one of my friends, and we decided to keep moving. We explored more of the fair and Listened to some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. AT one point we ran into a man who was playing the violin and dancing. It was so beautifull, I stopped and bought his cd. His name is S.K. Thoth, very much worth listening to. Wonderful for tripping.

As the day wound down we made our way back to the Gypsy Stage to watch the dancers. Amazing beauty. Every aspect of the show, the clothes, the music, the dancer, the background, it all meshed so well I felt almost as if I were sitting in a caravan in the desert watching a dark gypsy girl spinning to her music. A whirl of light and mystery. Amazing.

As the fair shut down I started to come down. The shrooms lent an all-new mystical air to an already amazing event.

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