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One Friday night I skated down to my friends house.

One Friday night I skated down to my friends house. Within the first five minutes I was paged by my dad saying I had two F's on my report card. He was very angry and ordered me home. I was very dissapointed but trekked my way home. When I arrived home I avoided my parents as much as I could. But then my dad came in and yelled "WE ARE GOING TO DINNER! STAY HOME! WE WILL TALK WHEN I GET BACK! CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" As soon as they left something triggered in my brain. I opened my desk cabinet and pulled out a ziplock bag. Mushrooms. I had traded some pot for them. I had no idea what they would do. I asked my friend on the computer and he suggested I do it. So, me being the naive kid i am....i go and do it. It was my first time. I grabbed 4 stems and 5 caps and ran downstairs. I grabbed an orange carrot sobe' and the blender. In with the mushrooms...soon to follow the sobe'. I blended the drink and chugged it down. Suprisingly it tasted good. I felt the slimy spores slide down my throat. A soothing, but very odd feeling. I went back to my computer and talked to the friend i mentioned earlier. I told him how much I took and he freaked! He told me I took way too many for my first time and body weight. But I had a strange instintation telling me not to worry or else it would only get worse. I did it and that was it. No turning back. 30 minutes had passed and I looked at my room. The walls began to turn and rotate as if it were a fun house. I then looked at my TV. 3rd rock from the sun was on. And for some certain reason I could not stop laughing at it! I HATED THAT SHOW THOUGH! Why was I laughing?!??! I then listened to the sound coming out of my computer. It was "Helter Skelter" by The Beatles. But it was different. The guitar began to slow down. And the vocals became distorted and started to play in slow motion. I threw my hand up in front of me and it trailed. I laughed. It was beautiful. Total chaos was taking place in my room and I loved it. But why? I heard a bark outside. It echoed 3 million flippin' times! I ran downstairs to let my dogs in. When I left my room everything looked as if it were filmed with the same type of film as "the exorcist". My dogs ran in with muddy feet (3 dogs). They ran on the carpet and mud got all over the place. And then...I freaked. I ran back upstairs and grabbed a stack of towels and started cleaning up the mess. BUT IT WASNT COMING UP! I STARTED TO PANIC! I just put the dogs back outside and turned off all the lights downstairs and went back in my room and acted as if I never even let the dogs in. I then went to the bathroom and as i sat on the toilet i looked to my left. To the left of me was a wall covered with Stuck-o. The stuck-o began to melt and fall. And then images came clear into the stuck-o. It was a timeline of life diagramed in stuck-o. But it was weird. It was a timeline that followed this order: Birth....life....and then death...but the death was weird..it said the way we die is by getting thrown off a cliff by babies. Odd. I then looked in my mirror. (i had been told never to look in the mirror on drugs but i did it anyway.) And what i saw I loved. I physically created horns in my forehead and laughed devishly. Scary. I ran back into my room. but waiting at the door was my dog. "I thought i had let you out." I said to him. "no...you didnt..." he replied, "...Speno...have you forgotten about Jesus?" MY DOG WAS CONVERSING WITH ME ABOUT JESUS! AND I WAS NOT AFRAID AT ALL! I walked away from him back into my room. And then I heard a slam louder than anything ever before. My parents were home and I was tripping my ass off. And then the words echoed in my mind "CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" I frantically started folding towels to make it look as if i was working hard. And then my dad busted in to my room. "What the hell are you doing?!" he yelled. "uh....cleaning my room." I replied in a meek voice. And now my friends what happened next will frighten and shock you. "You must be pretty dissapointed you had to come home tonight huh? Well...MULTIPLY THAT BY 12 AND THATS HOW DISSAPOINTED I AM WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR REPORT CARD!" my dad screamed. Now that may not sound to weird, but the thing is when he said it, I Heard it as if he was Max Headroom. So to me he said: "Well....MULTIPLY THAT BY 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 AND THATS THATS THATS HOW DISAPOINTED I AM WITH YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU ABOUT YOUR REPORT CARD!" His voice was skipping, and his head was shaking around and repeating movements. He was sooooooo mad! But I then apologized and he left my room to go to bed. THANK GOD! But I was so scared that he would come back in, I just layed down on my couch in somewhat of a comotose state in the darkness. I was never really asleep but I lost all concept of time. During my "coma" I remember creating music in my head with the sounds outside. Peoples voices sounded like the adults from Charlie Brown. Id make music by hearing the sounds echo in a rhythmic way. It would go like this: People talking, car door shut, People talking, car door shut, dog bark, dog bark......It was insane. But I loved it. I "woke up" It was 11 pm. I had eaten them at 5 pm. I was coming down and went on the computer. I talked to my friends telling them what i had just done. I loved it. It was my first of many. I then went back to bed. And slept like a baby. When I woke up I looked on my bed and there was a stack of towels about 6 ft high. I laughed and ran downstairs to see how bad the dog mud stains were. There were None. absoloutely none. I shrugged it off and then lived my day on and here I am now. Now most of the time when i trip i just put a whole bunch of beatles on my playlist and lay in my bed listening to the beautiful music. Good night everybody...everybody...everywhere.

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