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green buffalos

Well the day started out normal as usual.

Well the day started out normal as usual. YA know nothing great blah blah blah. Well I go over to my friends hous around 10am. Now he know that I love to shroom, and the first thing ge tells me is that if I pay him now that he could get me a fresh 1/8th in a half hour. Well i was like "hell yeah" and sure enough half hour later he was back with the goodies. Instead of them being fresh like he said they were dry. Now I had only done fresh shrooms, so I thought maybe these would be a little bit better. So I took the magical mushrooms, and crushed them into a very fine powder, and poured them into some juice. Personally I think it tasted like shit. But anyway it ended up kicking in pretty quick I would say somewhere around 15min. Now at first didn't realy believe that I had begun to trip. But then as i was taking a piss I looked up and this wall in fron of me had started to breath. i almost pissed my pants right there. So i finished up in there, but before I left I looked into the mirror and looked like I had no eye balls, it was just a blank open space. So after this little experience, I went up into my room and started looking around enjoyng many wonderful patterns, and shapes, around my room. Then I decided I would look out the window and enjoy some of the sights of the outside world. But then the weirdest thing happened. I swear as I was sitting there looking out my window I swear I saw ET fly right in frnt of my window. It was the coolest thing. He was in his little bike thing. But then after that, the funniest thing that has ever happenned to me while tripping happened. I looked out my window and saw what at first appeared to be a normal car turning the corner down the street. But then as it came in front of my house it gew legs, changed from black to green, grew hair, and started running down my street. I swear to god the friggin thing looked like a buffalo. It was sooooooooo hilarious at the time that I swear I laughted for about a half hour. But then I decided it was time to go out and have a smoke. But as I walked out of my room the carpet grew up to about waist high, and it seemed like i had to swim through it. bu eventually somehow I made it downstairs, and out my door. The ususal stuff happened outside, such as trails on my cigarette, and the sky was a nice purple and pinkish color, all in all just a very happy feeling. But then one of the scariest things while tripping has ever happened to me happened right about now. I was coming back into my house when the stairs in front of me appeared to grow about 10ft a piece. Now of course I decided that it would be best to try and jump up the stairs then to walk normally. Now just imagine if my neighboors had looked in about then. Me jumping up and down screaming and yelling because I couldn't climb the steps. But eventualy they cane back down to their normal size. That was about the last of the visuals that I had. But i did go through my normal "thought" phase where I just sit and think about the pointlessness of the human race and other common thoughts that at the time seemed so complex. All in all my trip lasted around 5 hours. Not bad but great either. I can't wait for my next trip.

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