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Greatest/Worst trip

Well this is a trip i had a few years back when i was a bright-eyed youth in only his second shroom season.

Well this is a trip i had a few years back when i was a bright-eyed youth in only his second shroom season. I was about 125 pounds and ate alot.

Myself and my friend matt when to gather some "free dope" as we called it in our quiet southern Louisiana town. We hit a local field we had named wino's field because of its proximity to my friend Jarred aka wino's house. Usually it was four or five of us mushrooming for around 10 of us for our tripping parties but this time it was just me and matt.

We found over a hundred or so average sized caps (for the area anyway about three inches in diameter). We had found many more before and there where probably more to be found but we were happy with our hundred.

Now i was only 16 or so a he 19 or so but we were no strangers to the beauty of mushrooms. But i still had yet to have a bad trip of any sort i suppose due to the support and love of my friends (we're a close group) but this night was different.

It was just matt and myself mostly because it was a Tuesday and we had all tripped just a few days before but what could i say me and matt were addicted and shared a love of adventure as well as our name (my names matt too and we once tripped for 5 days strait in a low level state).

Well after we ate 50 or so caps and drank the tea made from the stems and nasty looking caps (as we always did) and chilled/wandered about for a time he left to tend to his bitch of a babys' momma and all that leaving me to myself for the first time in a very trippy state.

I was getting some heavy visuals and not in the least bit able to make proper decisions so i started watching TV. It was cool for a time until an Elvis video came on which was weird as it is. It was that "a little less conversation" song that came out a few years ago. Now if you haven't seen it its weird as hell and i was sucked in.

I was sucking my thumb by the way and then the video turned all trippy on me. The background was leaving tracers and it was psychedelic and stuff. Well apparently i bit into my thumb because i thought i was drooling but it was blood. Not that bad of an experience but it was just the beginning.

I decided i should go to bed to think and see stuff. What ensued was 2 hours or so of solving the problems of the universe while seeing some amazing 3d hallucinations to an unknown soundtrack. I jumped out of bed and said allow the most resent secrete of the universe which was pure nothing and i realized that and so went to take a bath.

I really don't remember anything till about 3 to 4 hours later when i came to laying sideways in the tub of water with my head half in half out of the water sucking on the side of the tub. Needless to say after i got out my somach hurt and i got the ludicris idea in my head that i ate a bad one and i don't know about you but i believe alot of bad trips start at that very thought.

Well i waited till morning to die hoping that my parents would fine me in their bathroom or something but luckly they left for work without checking and i recovered just fine and went back into a delightful day trip.

All in all i tripped for about 15 hours hard and 20-23 hours all together i heard matty had a pretty shitty time with his woman all night as well.

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