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amsterdam hawaii

Me and my buddies are going to collage in Holland, so obvioslly we make it to amsterdam.

Me and my buddies are going to collage in Holland, so obvioslly we make it to amsterdam. Image being your first weekend in a country you always heard about. We just stepped out of a coffee shop walking around the city baked out of our mines. Takeing with us a prerolled joint that we bought out of a joint dispensing machine. We even had our choice of what type of bud we wanted. Thinking how cool this is we go into a random store where we saw a huge shroom in the window. In the store we notice there selling shrooms under the counter of glass. Not even aware before this you could also buy shrooms. We ask if we could take a picture of this. so we did. There were selecton of all different kinds with a description of what each one did to effect us differently. So certainly we picked up a 1/8 of some Hawaiin mushrooms they then ask us if we wanted them dried or fresh. This is actually an option. SO fresh it was. We went down stairs of the store and the three of us split them up and ate away. Know image being 20 with two friends on a summer day in amsterdam. SHROOMING SO we decide to go to a second coffee shop called blue bird . Buy the time we find this place the shrooms start to kick in. What I saw next was just awesome to somebody from america. Two hole photo albums one of all different types of hash the next of all different types of buds. We like little kids picked out a couple different kinds of the dankest bud you ever so and rolled up and smoked. After we were done smokeing , the shrooms at this point are really kick in on top of the nugs we just toked. WE sat there for about 30 min just stareing at a painting on the wall where the colors almost were moveing. Anybody who ever goes to the bluebird in amsterdam will know what i mean. After we walk out laughing our asses off for no reason. One of my buddies who usaully is trying always be MR.Cool becomes like a little kid who scared in a big city and sits down on a bench and wont walk any where for a hour. This is absoulty humerous to us. Finally when he got his balls back we headed to a bar had some drinks. Image shrooming and the hole day walking around picking what coffee shop you would like to go in and smoke the kindest bud known to us. The shroom slowly wared off later. After this day I relized how narrow minded our government and parents can be about ways we can live in society. There is a heaven on earth i'v been there

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