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Greater Knowledge

OK, two friends and I hooked up with a qaurter of dried shrooms and divided it evenly between the 3 of us.

OK, two friends and I hooked up with a qaurter of dried shrooms and divided it evenly between the 3 of us. After smoking a couple bowls of kills we each took our doses and went to eat dinner. About 20 minutes later, while sitting at dinner with my family the shrooms started to hit us. I'm not sure how long we sat there trippin' out on my family but when we finally managed to excuse ourselves we headed over to my friends house.

By this time we were trippin' balls. I remember going into my friends room and seeing a blue futon on his floor looking remarkably like a pool. Immedaitely I tried to jump into the futon, unsuccessfully. Now my friends had discovered a wooden wall that seemed to be dripping and flowing. They called me over and we watched the wall for an unknown ammount of time. Next thing I knew I was laying on the floor listening to Prodigy staring into what seemed to be a cave in my friends roof. I distinctly remember the wet cave-like smell, an echo, and a light breeze blowing from what seemed to be the cave. At this point, one of my friends was staring into the black and white static on the TV and the other was looking outside talking to his "friends".

When we heard about these friends we all went outside to explore the neighborhood. Although I did not see any "friends" I DID find a wonderful mud puddle that I sat down in and began playing with the mud while looking at the clouds(it was dark at this point but the moon was very bright and the clounds were clearly visible).

When my friends found me in the puddle, I got up because they looked distinctly green. This "green effect" they told me was also happening to me. After that we decided to go back inside.

Inside again we decided that we could figure anything out but we felt there was nothing left to learn. We even considdered walking to a teachers house just to learn something(glad we didn't). I decided I was going to draw something on the moving wall to remember later, but as soon as my pencil touched the wood, the wall changed color and my friends started shouting "You made it mad!!!". Of course, I stopped immediately.

After who knows how long, we finally we calm enough to turn off the lights and attempt sleep but this was unsuccessful and there was too much on our minds. The whole night seemed to go on for eternity as we discussed many theorys and ideas which we would normally never consider talking about.

All in all, I loved the whole thing and hope to shroom at least this well or better next time. =)

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