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Great Trip...then busted

Alright this was my 3rd time trippin.

Alright this was my 3rd time trippin. The most I had ever taken before was about 2 grams. So me and two of my friends got three eights. We went back to his house and chilled for a while. His mom then went to bed at like 10 30 so we decided to go out to his trampoline and get in a good mood and eat them there, So we brought the shrooms and some milk and ate them. We then went back inside and jus chilled and listened to some music and watched some TV. I started to feel it comin on within about 40 mins. I started to jus chill and enjoy a few closed eye visuals then i grabbed some paper and a pencil and sat and drew some pictures (the next morning i looked at them and the were the weirdest things ever) Then i looked at his shag carpet and it was moving and breathing and i started to have a conversation with it because i felt it had a soul and needed some friends. By this point it was about 2 30 and my friend said he wanted to smoke a bowl cuz it boosted ur trip. So we did and we hotboxed his room (normally wouldnt have done this but didnt really care now) then we here a knock on his door. So we fly to bed and ditch everything under his bed. His mom comes in and knows we were smokin, so she calls my friend outside and is yellin at him. Thank god we get by and he told her it was a cigar and we jus tried it. So he finally comes back and we jus all lay in bed quiet. This is very cool because i was the most relaxed i had ever been. He lives next to the highway and so there was a sound of cars. This is the most relaxing noise. Then his fan is going and i look at it. I see a distinct pattern of colors all over it and the bulbs look like eyes. The coolest part was that i could control what color i wanted it to be all i had to do was ask it. I finally got to sleep.
Very good trip other than bein busted

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