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Great First Trip

Well I smoke a lot of bud and I have been wanting to do mushrooms for awhile.

Well I smoke a lot of bud and I have been wanting to do mushrooms for awhile. So when I had the opportunity me and a couple friends bought an eigth each and planned out a saturday. There were 4 of us who took them and three of us had a little under an eigth while another friend had about half an eigth. Well I ate them straight up and sucked on them for a while following it with a lot of orange juice. We then smoked a big joint and waited til the fun began. I was just sitting around and i had this urge to throw up and bam I went into the bathroom and gagged and then it all started. I was in my fridns bathroom and it seemed really cool then I went to this backrooom where there was this red light that was really strange. I was kind of weirded out but i still didnt feel that fucked up until i went outside. I was looking at all these little pink flowers and all of them kind of turned and looked back at me. Everytime I breathed it seemed like they were breathing too and it was awesome. then i looked down at the leaves on the ground and all of them started to kind of crawl away when the wind blew. I then had an urge to lay down in his backyard and look at the clouds which was amazing. It was a perfect day and the clouds were incredible. Then my other friedsn wanted to leave so we journeyd to this place we call teh hole. It is this little underpass under the railroad tracks where we just kind of sat around. But the craziest thing happened when we were walking on the tracks going there. all of a sudden my friend was like oh my god look at that blue guy and sure enough way in the distant there was a blue man walking acorss teh tracks and sure enough he went to the hole. We went there and we saw just a blue jacket and all of us were kind of freaked out. then it got really nuts. All of us were just giggling and fucking going crazy when i had to pee so i went in this corner and pissed and after that it felt liek i was peeing for what seemed liek forever i was pissing in my pants but i actualy wasnt. I kept asking my friends to reassure myself. I also had this weird notion that i broke my finger and when i looked at my hand i flipped out cause it was getting huge and small and teh cigarette i was smoking was about a foot long. I usually dont smoke but i had to be doing someting with my hands. I had serious trails which was awesome. Then a couple other friends showed up and were only around for about 10 minutes but it seemed liek hours. When all of us were peaking and getting out of our uncontrolable modes we went back to my friends house to watch the simpsons. I thought i was coming down but oh no not at all. I didnt want to stay inside because his floor looked liek it was covered in ants so i fllowed the ants outside and layed in my old spot and looked at teh clouds. My other friedn joined me and we took turns jumping over eachother as we layed on the ground. My one friend who wasnt tripping was our driver and so we drove around in his car for a while which was really cool. i was eating these mints that made my mouth grenn and my friends were freaking out. The sky was so amazing. i saw the blue guy three seperate times that day and it was really funny. Then we went to this park and i layed on these blue benches. The clor of the day was deffinetely blue becaue everything was such a cool looking blue. So we all looked at the clouds and just chilled in teh park for a while. then we met up with some girls. We saw them and i got in the car which was cool. it was a land rover and it seemed really miny i dint think i could fit. so we went back to a different park where me and a couple friends just each took our own bench and again looked at the beautiful sky. The girls came to the park and a good friend of mine jessica came to talk to me. It was really cool just looking at the sky and talking to her. it was teh most euphoric feeling ever. It was incredible I could of lived in that moment forever. teh sun was coming down and so was i and the sky was a really cool purple color. So jesica and I just took a walk back to my friends house and I just had teh greatest feeling in my life. I can't express how amzing that day was and I suggest to look at teh sky when you shroom. It is amazing. I just had the most euphoric feeling of my life and my frieds agreed and we will shroom again. I love mushrooms and i love the sky.

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