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Gothic Weekend Madness

The first time I took mushrooms was at Whitby Gothic Weekend 2003.

The first time I took mushrooms was at Whitby Gothic Weekend 2003. I ate two small crushed up balls of dried Liberty Caps. There was probably about 40-50 individual mushrooms in them both. I chewed them for as long as I could, about 5 minutes until they turned to slime.

The first thing I noticed after about 25 minutes was feeling stoned, but without the lazy eyes or heavy feeling. I found everything funny and was absolutly loving it. At this point I was sat in a room with three other people, relaxed and having a good time. However, at this point six more people arrived at our hostel that I didn't know too well. The mushrooms amplified my paranoia about them ten fold. I began to feel like they were all looking at me. I started to slow down, feel a little spaced out movement wise. I was smoking but couldn't feel the cigarette in my hand.

I began to look at the wall, and when staring at it, it began to shift, move, melt, warp etc. Then peoples faces began to change. I looked to my left and my friend smiled at me, but his mouth opened up like a chessure cat, he looked like he had about five-hundred teeth. In addition, his face turned purplely blue. Another girl there looked like she had diluted blood all over her face.

My girlfriend didn't take any mushrooms, she was playing about going cross eyed when talking to freek me out. Sound nastly but it was quite funny. However, when I said that I knew she was doing it she laughed and realised I knew what was happening, but then one eye looked at me, and other looked up (by the way, this is not possible!!) That REALLY freaked me out, but I didn't show it.

Then as I decided to go to bed, I began to see what looked like a mesh over my vision, it was like i was looking through a grid at everything.

I couldn't sleep, when I closed my eyes I was vivid imagery, lots and lots of eyes, skulls, faces, organic matter, patters, beautiful lights etc. However, I began to panic, wondering if it would ever end? had I died? Was I losing my mind? At some parts it was quite horrific.

I have done it again since then three times. I have learned some very important guide lines.

The 10 most important rules of shrooms...

1) Only do mushrooms if you have nothing to do the next day.
2)Make a "don't panic" sign, sounds stupid, but if you don't like what your experiencing, you'll remember why you made it, and it will snap you back to reality.
3) Select calm and slow music <- VERY IMPORTANT
4) Be in the right state of mind, sound obvious, but you must be 100% relaxed, calm, worryless, under no stress and generally in a really happy mood.
5) Don't drink alcohol, as this will make a little depressed, and the mushrooms will aplify this feeling.
6) Have some water to drink during the trip
7) Remove all scary looking imagery from the location
8)Describe what you seeing to everyone else, as this creates a connection between you, and stops you freaking out as you realise your not alone.
9) Have small doses to start with and build up.
10) Be prepared to lose your mind.

In addition, there is one thing I have noticed... Introverts seem to have more scary, losing ones mind type of trips, they seem to panic more. Extroverts tend to focus more on what around them, and have better, more fun trips. This is only my opinion, not fact.

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