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Good Trip Turns Bad

December 9, 1998.

December 9, 1998. At about 9am in the morning I split a 1/4oz bag with my buddy. We munched on them straight and washed them down with some cold OJ. We lit the fireplace, turned up the stereo and waiting for the trip to take it's effects.

We hadn't eaten since 6pm the evening before, so we expected the trip to come on fairly quickly. About 40 minutes later we began to experience warm sensations on our body and we knew there was not long until the full blown effects. Everything began to get proportionately smaller. The lamps seemed to be warped and the sofa seemed to be be on a slant. On the the other side of the room, it seemed the floor was on an angle and all the furniture was stuck to the carpet as the floor was all uneven. The firelog seemed to melt and the flames seemed to get larger and larger. We wanted to smoke some bud but we couldn't leave the house until the fire was out so we decided to put it out ourselves. This ended up being a strenuous and frightening task and when we opened the metal curtain the flames seemed to jump at us, attacking us. It was like we were fighting the fire. We attacked it with a glass of water, and it went out. But in a few seconds, it started again, and we knew it wasn't going to go down with out a battle. Finally, we killed it, and peace was restored. But the ashes were still burning and I didnt want to wait for them to go out, so we left the house at around 11:15am.

On the way to the wooded area where we intended to smoke some herb, all i could think about was the fire, and I was worried sumthing would happen and my whole house would burn down. We finally reached the woods, and I found out the task of rolling the j was assigned to me. But there was know way I could roll anything, I was at my peak and there was no way I had the coordination to roll. So we decided to go to the park about a 5 minute bus ride away. When we left the wooded area, we saw 3 cop cars, one after another, stop in front of us. WHAT THE FUCK?@! We acted casual, and after some hard work remembering our addresses, they looked us over and let us go. Whew. That really screwed up the trip, and after that the trip seemed to go down.

We reached the bus stop, and took the bus to the park. I was still worried about the fireplace, especially when i saw like 3 fire trucks race down the street in the direction of my house. But I tried to forget it, I was just worrying too much about everything. We went to the park and I rolled a phat dube. We walked the trails and smoked it. After I felt really good, I felt like I was in total control of my trip. I told my friend weed and shrooms are the perfect mix, its a whole new trip.

We went to this magic store in the mall and tripped out on the lava lamps and glow in the dark objects. Upon leaving, I felt the trip coming back, HARD. It was coming on real fast and real hard and when we went to Mc Donald's I was tripping as hard as I was at my peak, but this was different, i was losing control of my trip.

A few seconds later, about 3 hrs into the trip, my mind went nuts. My vision went red and white, and all I could hear was this loud loud sound. I struggled to speak and stand, I did't know what was going on. My friend kept calling me, and I could hear him, but I didnt know what was going on. He helped me outside, and I got some fresh air. He told me to sit, but I couldn't see where, all I saw was an endless space of white. I sat down and regained my senses. After about a minute I was ok again.

We got something to eat and cooled out. We both sat in silence, it was real awkward. We didn't say much for a few minutes. He too didn't know what had just happened and he didn't know what to say, much like myself. We decided we had better leave so I could get some rest. The bus ride home alone was difficult. I tried to keep cool, although I felt pretty sick. I reached home and watched tv. The walls seemed to cave in so I went outside to get some fresh air. It was raining so I had to come back inside. My friend called and we talked about what happened, and after we both felt better about what happened and agreed that atleast for myself, there would be no shrooms, ever.

I recommend that new shroomers trip when there is nothing that is worrying them. No school, parents, cops, people nothing. You need to be alone with nature. Your mind needs to be totally relaxed.

P.S. I just purchased a 1/2oz :).

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