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good then bad


1.75 grames i was home alone and ate at 12 o clock in the afternoonit started to come on 1 hour later after i smoked a bowl in the back yard. i went to my room, lay down and put on dark side of the moon. things got intence real fast. the ciling started to ripple and breath . i saw faces and deamonds with my eyes closed i saw never ending swirling tunnels with diamonds. then i started to see pornographical visuals with lots of beautiful girls getting fucked.i then started to feel tired and hungry so iwent upstairs and some left overs. then isat in front ofthe tv as usual it was strange and yet hard to look away. while i was downstares i experianced so weird feelings like shock waves thru my head very new for me. then i went and had a shower. it was all good until i fanted . my dad found out . so now i have to get councelling bummer im glad he was there though it could have been worse.then i went and lay down and had more weird thoughts. i felt really tired for a long time even 10 hours after. so remember be careful and stay out of the shower.

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