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Good Old Fashioned Trippen'

My Trip.

My Trip.

Firstly I’ll set the scene, there’s three of us, Simon, Kelly and me, Chris. Now Simon is a pretty hardcore stoner, doing shottys in college is his thing and he’s always up for a good old fashioned cain, I’ve known him a year and we’re pretty good mates. Kelly is a bit of a wannabe she can’t handle drink or weed but I’ve known her for years so I let her off. And there’s me, about to drop out of college for the second time, and okay at taking weed. Me and Simon have been experimenting with drugs for a while and before my story begins will have had two pretty mild trips, level 2.
So in the morning me and Kelly have a nice skunk joint and make our way to town were we meet Simon, after a few words about money we get together and head off to our local salsa shop where you can by all sorts of goodies from bongs to rolling machines, but we’re there to by mushrooms, we get 15g of fresh Columbian mushrooms each and, after a brief chat with the owner, who wishes us a good time we make our way to a sweet shop and buy some sour sweeties, good for covering up the flavour. Then we head for some secluded benches were we’ve been many times to do things we don’t want to be seen doing. We munch. Kel hasn’t done it before, but once I convince her to eat the storks she’s soon munching away nicely, faster than the slightly more laid back Simon and Me, which I’m mightily impressed with.
About half an hour later our bus arrives and I can feel them working already, Kel’s complaining that nothing is happening and Simon, well he’s the same as me. The bus takes about twenty minutes to leave and during that time my vision goes all fucked up I feel the bus move, but when I look we’re stationary. Eventually the bus begins to really move and the fun slowly begins, to start with I’m in the same state. Kelly, who complained is now on her side laughing and Simon is keeping himself straight, he hates tripping in public. A weird thing happens I’m on the back, near the engine and as the whining of it gets louder it changes to a sort of fairground sound and I look forward and the driver is a Carney and there are some lights around his cab or ‘stall’, I’m not so gone as to believe it but it was cool, fifteen minutes passes and Kelly is still complaining that nothing is happening, before falling on her side in a fit of laughter. We’re there, stumbling out of the bus we make our way to a field were the effects really kick in, we start by a tree were we chill and then we notice how colourful everything is and soon make our way to a bank of grass were we watch the clouds. I’m getting this weird sensation of happiness almost I after a few minutes it gets pretty intense and I curl up, it was kinda like being in a warm bed in the morning and not having to get up. I want to walk, after telling my mates to come we walked to the next field and, looking back we noticed something, we’d just been in telly tubby land. And now we were entering Lord of the Rings land. Kelly was totally out of it, embarrassment. I was pretty fucked and wherever I looked I could see smiles, twigs twisted into a smile, the clouds moved into a smile Simon and me both saw them but Kelly didn’t. Slowly we came down and walked to Kelly's horses, were we played darts until we were fine. Overall I’d say it was the best trip I’ve had so far, a good level three for me, and similar results for the others. From my experiences I’ve learnt two things, one, never trip with Kelly, two, have more next time. So until next time over and out.

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