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Good documentation of the pros/cons of a shroom trip

I am a 16 year old male.

I am a 16 year old male. I weigh about 145 pounds. Me and a friend had been interested in trying shrooms for a while. We bought 1/4 for the two of us. We waited about a week before eating them, and we both got really really excited. We ate an 1/8th each, completely plain. This was an absolutely terrible idea because shrooms taste like shit.

It was about 5 o'clock and it had rained just a little while ago, so we went to a golf field were nobody would be. About an hour after ingestion I started to feel the trip. At first the ground started "breathing" and rippling. Then light began to have a really cool ethereal effect.

It was mildly chilly outside and because it was my first time I did not know what to expect. Everything began to get horribly scary (trees were looming out and trying to grab me and changing into people, my flip-phone looked like the head of a lizard eating my hand), and even though it was only mildly cold, it felt like it was absolutely freezing.

I then began to feel nauseous. I threw up and totally freaked out, I thought I was gonna O.D. (you can't OD on shrooms unless you take rediculous amounts). My friend calmed me down and we decided to go back to my house.

We completely lost all co-ordination on the way back, changing speeds erratically. Evcery time people walked past us we would come to a complete stop in the middle of the road, hoping they wouldn't see us.

Once we got home things got awesome. I figured out I wasn't OD-ing and me and my friend sat down to watch TV. Everything went absolutely crazy, I felt like I was merging with the bed, and I couldn't tell what was fake and what was real. Everything seemed to be melting and my friends lips kept on turning into dolphins. My floor was a chess board and everytime I walked on it I thought I was a pawn. I kept on saying rediculous things that I now have no clue what they meant such as "I just need to find my existence".

I came down really quickly because I had thrown up, but that was actually really good because my parents asked me to park the car and i did. I was really really paranoid when i found out my parents were home.

-at my house things got awesome. I completely lost control of my senses. I was afraid my parents would "hear the taste of the shrooms in my stomach"
-Complete loss of reality
-pondered the meaning of life
-cool sense of feel and not rediculous hallucinations but rather "modifications" of what i was really seeing
-everything was melting
-when i was coming down, everything would be normal, but then all of a sudden a character on the T.V.'s mouth would bloat up or something weird like that
-Time went rediculously slowly. I did not understand the concept of "tomorrow"

-throwing up felt like something was ripping out of my chest
-SHROOMS ARE A MOOD ENHANCER. When i was cold, it felt awful. When my friend was on the phone i felt extremely jealous he wasn't being with me, etc.
-extreme paranoia around my parents
-the taste of the shrooms

-try shrooms they're awesome, jsut when you do it, make sure you're in a familiar and comfortable environment with people you know, and don't try to fight the feeling, accept it... it can be very fun

Hope I've given some useful info.

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