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Good bye summer

I believed that this is a monday.

I believed that this is a monday. Ididnt have school I had about 3 grames of shrooms and of course some weed.IT was about mid october so I decided to do one last outdoor trip by myself to say goodbye to summer.since april I have done several very positive doses of acid and mushrooms outdoors and it has always been a blast. I ate the mush at my house waited alittle and the hed downtown. I had to go downtown to get where im going. finally i reached the park. i smoked a joint then kept on walking. i started to feel the effects come on bet they wernt very strong at first. i felt a little anxious for a strong trip. Eventually after about an hour the trip began to manifest and i was soon satisfied by the strength. Iwalked all over the valley and it was a beautiful fall day. i enjoyed the usual positive euphoricness of mush.
however on theis particular mushrooms i felt particularly happy and positive i reallized that i was really glad with life and how much i enjoyed being in the outdoors.the visuals i saw were very entertaining . I noticed hallucinations bleding out of everything the visuals seemed to be constantlly changing as i never saw the same thing twice. the colers were olive brown blue green and red.
I tried to think of every aspect of the world and analized it in my changed perception. i thought of every single person how i had befriended in my life and remembered them with happiness.eventually i climed up the hill heading home as the day was coming to an end.At the top of the hill i turned and saw the most beautiful sunset and i now had a huge grin that would not go away. Waking home through the traffic i realized i was still very stoned. I was getting some cool very bright shinny visuals off of everything the sky, the cars street lights with very long tracers witch did not help my masive grin. I i got home and ate dinner . there is now way in words that i can describe how good i felt i was glowing until i went to bed hours later. a great end to summer

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