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good an bad trip

ok i did it about 3 times.

ok i did it about 3 times... the 1st time was like being reborn into a new world..lol i felt like a hippie an the 70s.. cuse i was out side most the trip an shit turned back n white when i was watching TV the 2nd time was tight i saw my friend with a WRX STI if u noe wut it is.. an he made the U turn 2 go race a 240SX an sence he has AWD he took the turn fast n shrap an when he did it looked like the road got longer for his turn also i was walkin threw a park an it felt like i was walkin threw mario land.. lol i thought i was about 2 go insaine it was so nuts for me.. then we went 2 a out side mall an the tripp was startin 2 wear down but barly so i was tripin a good amont still so it was about 8 o clock an ppls faces looked diffent so i went an asked my friends who worked there if there were retarted ppl up here. like a tour but i was just tripin that bad still. then it turned into a bad trip cuse it got annoying so i went home feelin like i was dieing an i told my mom... lol an he just asked about drugs n shit no biggie...lol so like 2 days later my other friend wanted 2 try it so he some how talked me into it an it was the worst trip of my life... i just felt like i couldent breath i felt like i was like melting into my friends car when he was driving me home an as soon as i walked in i went into my moms room an told her i did it agan.. lol so she stayed up askin wut i was seeing an shit.. it was even more tripy when i was talkin 2 her kinda odd talkin 2 ur mom or dad while triping.. then i went an tryed 2 play PC games still felt shitty so i layed in bed untill it wore off an i took them at like 12am an it ended at about 5am but the last 30 mins of it or so i felt good agan even tho i was tripping.. so i ono... an when u do it with friends dont you feel more connected? i kinda did.. haha good times. but now i am kinda scred away from them u noe? 1/2 bad trips... kinda scary..


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