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Golf Course

Me and a few buddys took an eighth each on a golf course at night.

Me and a few buddys took an eighth each on a golf course at night. So at first we brought out the bong and toked a few bowls, which was nice. We were talking happily everyone tripping so I go to get something from my friends car. I set the alarm off so for some reason I ran from it laughing like crazy. He was like wtf are you doing dude god i wish i tripped like you. So we are back to the table and everyones silent, fealing like shit for some reason.

So we start to walk the course and I guess this was at the height of my trip. It was dark but I could see the ground it was rolling under my feet and the grass became like a grass ocean just coming at me in waves that I was walking over. The sprinklers came on and those things are huge and we ran through them hah they looked crazy. So at one point we had to cross a road and there some guys just chillin out drinkin some beers so they gave us a few and we talked for a while then left. It was a fun trip. Later on when we werent tripping we looked at the drawings, they were insane I dont even know what to make of them.

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