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Golf Course

Well one night me and my and my two friends decided to eat some shrooms on the local golf course.

Well one night me and my and my two friends decided to eat some shrooms on the local golf course. We ate around 7:00 at night and waited for the night too begin. While waitng on the fairway we started to feel great everything was clear and the pre-shroom feeling was taking over. We decided to head out around the area of the golf course and find some places to chill. It was so nice out and the course was beautiful. Rows of trees lining the fairway was intense the branches and the leaves just melting off the tree and the grass looking like bright green carpet made us want to go look around more. It was getting dark so we saw a weeping willow in the distance under the moonlight so we headed over there. Under the willow was amazing it seemed like we were standing on a carpet due to the fact some of the willows leaves were on the ground with the moonlight coming thru the branches. We all stared in awe knowing we were in the same state of mind and seeing the same thing. Just below us was a pond with a fountain the water seemed like glass and the fountain was so enchanting. We kept walking around and decided to lay down and stare at the clouds and stars. The clouds were so different each one was not the same, faces were appearing in the clouds and they seemed to to drop out of the sky while the stars danced wildly. It was like Alice in Wonderland I was waiting for the white rabbit to run by saying "Im late,Im late". It was a big golf course so nobody saw us and we saw nobody. It felt like we were the only three in existence. The best part of the trip was the weeping willow and looking closely it seemed as it had an eye within the bark watching over us knowing we were there just using a place that nobody else thought it could be used for. The course was huge while tripping on the magical mushrooms it seemed like our own little world the trees were amazing, the sandtrap radiated the moonlight making it glow and the grass acted as carpet then towards the end of the trip the sprinklers came up and started watering the area it was great seeing all of these come up at the same time and all of the water coming out of the ground it was very cool. The moral of this trip report is take my advice and go to the local golf course with your shrooms and enjoy, trust me it will be the greatest. Peace

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