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golden meadow

In the summer last year, some friends and I camped in a local forest for the night to take our once-yearly psylocybin mushroom trip in the morning.

In the summer last year, some friends and I camped in a local forest for the night to take our once-yearly psylocybin mushroom trip in the morning.
The forest is set in a deep valley with cliffs on either side and a wide, slow river (Fox's Wood, between Bristol and Bath, UK).
The dawn chorus woke us at around 5.30am, and it was a beautiful sunny day. We brewed up around 200 mushrooms in a teapot on the open fire, which was shared between the three of us. The brew didn't take long to take effect, and we giggled together at the beauty of it as we came up on them. I decided to go for a ride on my mountain bike along the river. I rode like I'd never ridden before, I was in total control of the bike, and rode fast along some difficult tracks. I took a path away from the river, and came across a hill covered in golden dewy moss, literally glowing in the sunlight. It was a vision of absolute beauty, and I dumped my bike to collapse on to this mound of vibrant gold.
My heart was pounding, and I could hear my own voice as if it was someone else's. It was as if I was communicating with nature itself, and it was revealing to me it's secrets. As I sat on the hill, I studied the landscape opposite, some cliffs, trees, and open moor. I could see the earth undulating, revealing to me how it had formed. I could see the formations in the rock and how it had been pushed up with great force. How countless primeval forests had lived and died, depositing layer afer layer of detritus to build up the rich soil. I could feel the life force of the trees and plants, seeing them photosynthesise, water rushing through the roots, and up and out of the leaves.
I stayed there for a long time, basking in the enhanced beauty of nature, enhanced by the most natural hallucinogenic in the world. I thought how my ancestors must have felt and seen the same, when they ate the mushrooms.
All of a sudden time stopped, and I arrived in a netherworld, suspended in time and space. I became everything and felt part of everything around me, like I had been accepted by nature and by my ancestors, and they revealed to me a vision, a moment in their arms. I saw a glimpse of what the world was before mans destructive forces of concrete and steel.
I walked to the top of the valley, and was shocked by the sight of a major road in the distance, and electricity pylons overhead. They seemed so ugly and intrusive, an insult to mother nature. I felt detached from the material world, I could envision the landscape as it was before, covered with forest, unpolluted.
I retreated back to the valley and in to the forest, but I was coming down and was overwhelmed by the whole experience. I rode my bike back to the camp, this time very shakily. My friends had been wandering the forest as well. We sat around the fire and laughed. The smoke made beautiful patterns in the sun's rays between the leaves.
It was a morning I'll never forget, when I was embraced for a few moments by nature. I can't explain how vivid and beautiful it was, the most significant trip I have ever had.
If you're going to trip, don't do it indoors, get outside, go somewhere natural. Mushrooms have something to show us which is all about nature. Go and find it for yourself! Happy tripping, love Troy.

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