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goin' walk about!

I was seventeen and read about shrooms at school on the internet.

I was seventeen and read about shrooms at school on the internet. The next summer i was growing them but when they first popped up I didn't know how much to eat so i just started craming them down.I worked in the circus so we moved around a lot, which ment when I went outside I had no clue where I was,exept somewhere in los angeles. I saw these girls and proceeded to follow them, but I could'nt get the guts to talk to them.so at the corner of some street I asked them if they knew where the mall was.they pointed to the opposite direction i was walking in so I felt very stupid.I walked in that direction, by this time i could feel the "am I dreaming" phase.I kept on walking and just began site seeing, everything looked warped in a weird way, I was feeling left out in a way, it was around 9:30 and there were few people on the street.I got pissed off because of my situation in the circus with my parents,I lived in a bus with one four wall room the bathroom, and had no privacy. I kept on walking, losing my mind in these jelouse thoughts of what "other" people have," a house, car, community" and my thougths made me get into this jelous daze.i walked around no longer sight seeing but rather FEALING REALLY LEFT OUT! I FELT AS IF I WAS THE ONLYONE who cared about me, wich got me even more pissed off! my jelousy turned into a trippy rage(wierd huh?) i looked ahead of me and saw almost nobody much less someone i knew.I COULDN'T SHAKE THE EMPTY LONELY FEELING SO I STARTED GETTING DESPARATE! i went to a public phone and called my friends who lived in arizona they're mother picked up and hung up on me! so i got depressed, everything seemed to glow with a clarity and colorfulness yet i had nobody to share it with! i got back on the phone and dialed O i started talking to the opperator but when she figured out it wasn't about phone stuff she hung up!bitch!!!! I headed back, at a stoplight there was a mini van with a lady inside i was waiting to cross so i looked at her and when she noticed me she locked her door!! this got me pissed, even more! so i started punching signs and bus stops even signaling passing cars by flipping them off and yelling pofantities, which got the attention of a cop wich made me almost shit my pants,since i had a butterfly knife and i bag of weed in my pocket(common L.A. gear) luckily he just gave me a hard stare.but this seemed to bring me back and i felt that i was part of something and i began to lose my hatred and just stolled along looking at the leaves of trees and other plants felling connected. i got home and gave my mom a hug and ate some food and watched tv, i felt really hummble and thought "oh well, at least i got my family and my shrooms!" if you read this e-mail me and we can talk trippy shit! smokeloc007@hotmail.com

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