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God's Reassurance

My whole life I have tried to adhere to the rules of my religion, which I was born into, Islam.

My whole life I have tried to adhere to the rules of my religion, which I was born into, Islam. However, I felt that I had somewhat of a superficial religious belief that is probably prevelant among many religous people, going through the motions without any particular grasp of spiritual meaning. However, my mushroom experience changed all of that.

I began to trip about 20 minutes after eating the mushrooms, and the effect was immediate. Putting the feeling to words, of course, does it no justice, but I'll try anyways. I was at a concert, and I felt total unity with everyone else in the arena. In addition, I this tremendous comfort that can only be described as God's reassurance, that my devotion towards my religion was not unnoticed and was loved. At this point I was crying uncontrollably, my friends asked if I was allright, and bearly able to talk I reassured them I was. During my trip, the daily pursuits of man seemed trivial, the loss of ego seemed wonderful and desirable. The universe had purpose, and God had a plan, far more powerful than anything we could comprehend. Thus, the perfect answer was to unite with God's plan, suddenly "Islam," meaninging "submission to the will of Allah," made more sense than it ever had. The 5 prayers, which had seemed like a burdon before, were now a beutiful thing: to hault our daily lives in obedience to God. I began flashing back to childhood, and the innocent pleasure of childhood seemed like the most beutiful thing of earth. In opposition, the hedonistic pursuit of the ego and body seemed ugly and destructive towards humanmankind.

Just like an epiphany, the reality of this intense expirience disappeared within days. At the time, I felt as if my life would be changed forever, but within a few days it was business as usual. However, every now and then this overwhelming feeling returns. In addition, I have taken an interest is Sufism, the mysticism of Islam, who preach a loss of ego to achieve unity.
Sorry if this trip report sounds preachy, my e-mail is ddr4000@go.com if you have any comments...

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