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God in the ocean

My friend Adam and I were taking a trip to Point beach nationonal park with his family and since niether of us had ever triped we dicided to give it a whirl.

My friend Adam and I were taking a trip to Point beach nationonal park with his family and since niether of us had ever triped we dicided to give it a whirl. The guy who sold it to us said it would be good to fuck up three people really good but being the idiots we are we just split it up between the two of us.

we ate the lovely little things by themselves except for a glass of liptons brisk iced tea for each of us, anjd then sat around for a while waiting for it to hit us. Well not knowing that it took more time then our traditional marijuana to affect us we began cursing the asshole who sold it to us until Adams 12 year old cousin came into the tent because we were yelling so loud. There very sight of this kid was the funnyest thing either of us had ever seen, in fact the whole situation was down right hilarious we decided that it would be a great idea to take our little party down to the beach.

About ten minutes into our beach excursion it began to rain-not little sleeting or misting rain this was big ass droplets, but we thought hey who cares and just kept chillin , laughing, and having a good time. Adam began to drift off into the lake he was about shin deep in its waters which were now murky and black, he just kept mumbling something about how there were lightening rods in the sky and how god was in the water. This freaked me out so I began flying up and down the beach trying to get his attention so we could go back to the camp and be somewhere safe. after what seemed like days of trying he finally came up to the parking lot directly above the beach- as we approached we noticed a pool that had formed on the black top that was as warm as piss-
that we dubed the "piss pool". We thought hey its a pool we should go swimming- so we took off our shirts and began to swim. And that is when things went bad...

the rain turned into giant razor sharp spikes that kept jumping out of the ground all around us. My sandals began to try to run away from us until I captured them. And then everyone in the park wanted to go for a walk so they were all looking at us and laughing and I started to worry. Two grown men don't always sit down and play in a pool of water in the freezing rain- so I finnally convinced adam to get up and we were on our way- we went to the bathroom but I couldnt go in because I forgot how to comunicate with people
ten minutes later adam came out scared shittless saying "we took too much" over and over again. Then we decided to just get back to camp and chill for the rest of this thing- as we began to walk we realized that we had no idea how to get back we walked down the road that we thought was right but it began to cave in on itself and people we couldnt even see
kept laughing at us so we went back and thought we would read signs and get directions- well too bad because we had lost the ability to read. It was all useless jiberish. Adam puked in the middle of the road, the people kept laughing but we again walked down that road- by this time everything had neongreen and orange and pink light surrounding it and paizley patterns began to show up all over the place. I just followed Adam until we were suddenly at our tent- adam said god came out of the water and directed him. We then began to shiver for the rest of the night watching the most beautiful kalido scope patterns float around the walls of our tent until about 2:00 in the morning.

Well it was an interesting first time...

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