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Ambient Night

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This was my first time tripping. I was away at college for my first year, seperated from my old close friends who i had originally planned on tripping with. but when a buddy of my adam came through with a quarter of homegrown shrooms, i figured tripping with my old crew back home would have to wait until next time. we grabbed some dinner at the dorm at 4:30, planning to trip later on at 6. i didn't eat too much in fear of having too much nausea (i had never tripped, but plenty of my friends had and i kind of knew what was going on). so after dinner, we toked the bong for a bit, got stoned and relaxed until our friends got back from class at 6. we all met up in my friend amanda's room. adam and i had our bag, and then amanda procured her own half ounce bag of booms to give to herself and 5 other friends who would be joining us as well. so we made peanut butter shroom sandwiches, and smoked a couple of joints 20 minutes later to knock us into the trip. i personally stuffed my sandwich with about 3 grams. i didnt really notice anything at first, but then about 5 minutes after wondering when they are going to kick in, i began to see little centipede-like creatures all over my sweatshirt and amanda's desk right in front of me. after realising that i'm finally tripping, i broke into a hysterical laughter, which was great. it was contagious, and pretty soon, a room filled with 8 tripping people were laughing non stop for the next hour or two, over really random shit. after we all settled down, i began to go into that wierd deep thought stage. i thought about the human race as a whole, and about war and peace. i thought quite a bit about my family and friends, zoning out completly, as if i were actually back home with them. we were listening to drum'n bass in the background, and i closed my eyes and saw the bass flow through the room. i felt as if i were mentally connected with everyone in the room, and everyone's faces were turning and twisting into silly looking forms that made me go into another brief laughing fit. i then had a very strong urge to go outside. i eventually did, fighting thoughts i was having that police were spying on me. the others followed me out as if they knew where i was going, which even in my trip, i realized was insane. we went to a courtyard surrounded by midevil church looking buildings, and just layed in the grass staring at the stars and those old looking buildings. i was seeing knights and horses in the bushes that were blowing in the chilly breeze about a hundred feet away. i want to say that we were there for about 2 hours, but in reality my sense of time was so non existant at that point i really can't give an exact answer. i walked back to amanda's room seperatly from the group, gazing at trees that were appearing to be alien looking creatures beckoning me in all sorts of directions. the rustling of the leaves deeply penetrated me, and i felt as though i was the last one on earth, surronded completly by trees rustling in the wind. right outside of the dorm for what seemed like an eternity later, i fumbled with my key card for at least 5 minutes trying to swipe it through what looked like some sort of futuristic mechanical frog rather than a card slot. after finally climbing up the stairs (which seemed to be gently flowing as if made out of water), i bumped into the R.A., who i first thought was a lion-person hybrid or something with his big crazy beard that had shit flowing around in it. i searched my bag intensly, convinced that someone could have walked into the room while i was gone, stealing my cd's. even when they were in my hand, i was pondering how i would go about replacing them. i nodded of in amanda's chair embracing my bag. when i awoke, my mind buzz was still going, but i wasn't really seeing anything anymore. when i woke up, the clock said 11 something, but i wasnt in a state to look at the clock. so i walked back home, amusing myself with my mildly buzzing mind, thinking about random shit. i hopped into bed, and went to sleep. my first trip complete.

took place: 11/15/01
submitted: 11/20/01

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