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Glam Gypsy Pirates

The weekend of graduation, my five friends and I trucked out to Ghost Lake, a few hours away.

The weekend of graduation, my five friends and I trucked out to Ghost Lake, a few hours away. We set up camp there and on the second night, we split up a half-ounce between us with the help of some Skittles and peanut butter (which I don't recommend at ALL.. too hard to swallow!). We walked down to the beach about ten minutes away. We were all in a fabulous mood. And for the record, we are all small people, especially me and the three boys. None of us could weigh more than 130.

We discovered an old washed-up raft on the shore and another decrepit one in the water, backed by easily accessible cliffs and an abandoned fire. We set up there and all of us began to come up. It was insane. For the first Half hour or so, we tried to go rafting but didn't succeed at ALL. The water was ice-cold but felt like pinpricks of glitter. We eventually got cold and laid on the raft, seeing spiralling, multifaceted rainbows on our closed eyelids. "Guys, is it a good thing that I can see through my eyelids?"

Dylan and I went back to the campsite to buy firewood. Instead, we forgot to buy firewood and dressed up more crazy (we already all looked like gypsies) and filled a suitcase with marshmallows, candy, fruit, cigarettes, etc. Naturally we forgot water and a camera. We went down to the people below us (who I was CONVINCED were robots, at the time) and said "we're going camping!" showing off our suitcase of candy and alcohol.

We walked back to the lake where we couldn't see our friends. We were convinced they had left us and that we were stranded forever, until we saw them setting up a big, orange flag. THEY LOVE US! We exclaimed, and flew a tie-dye flag over the bridge in response.

We arrived and proclaimed the area Booty Bay, and ourselves the Glam Gypsy Pirates. All evening we lived a pirate fantasy. Things I remember most are that everything purple absolutely screamed at me. It popped out of the background like a beacon and even flashed and glittered. When I put on Tyler's sunglasses, the lake began to emit waves of light and rainbows, which gently undulated toward the flat sky. The bubbles in the waves lifted off the water and formed geometric patterns against the clouds. The waves of water became play-doh that I was convinced, if only I could move, I could mold into anything I wanted and it would instantly take life.

I also ate about 294387293 lollipops that night. Oh man. I went up to the cliffs where my two girlfriends were and they looked at me and said "the bay is a peace sign. Piece by peace, look, it's a beautiful peace sign!" and sure enough, the circular shape of the bay spread out like paint to form a peace sign. The film continued (did I mention this was one big movie? we were SO melodramatic.) and I went up the cliffs to stand there and stare out. I was looking out to water at the sailboats (which I was controlling, the were toys.) and looked down to see my boyfriend Dylan looking up at me. He immediately ran to the base of the cliff and began trying to climb it. "You'll die!"

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