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Genesis 2 Revelation

Shroom: P.

Shroom: P.Cubes
Dose: about 4-6 medium shrooms a piece

My name is Paul and it's an important aspect to this trip so remember that.

My friend D and I decided to hunt to expand our minds once again. We have tripped together many times (bought a sheet of acid once) so I have had much experience with both Uncle Cid and the magic mushroom but this trip was the wildest by far.

We go to the local field and spot a good 14-16 shrooms for consumption. We bought some orange concentrate from EZ Mart and stopped by a friends to make our witch's brew. We both consumed the whole dirty mess and decided to take a ride while they started to kick in. Big mistake. We rode for 15 min before I realized that I couldn't drive so well anymore so we went to my pal V's to chill.

We're at V's with his 3 other roomates (big house) and the magic that is shrooms is kicking hard. D throws up in the front yard but I maintain. We go in to relax and they are smoking out of a brand new green Graphix bong. I had owned the same kind but it was badly resined and ugly after I used some commercial cleanser to clean it so I gave it away to V's brother earlier that month. I asked V where he got that pretty green bong and he said it was mine. I knew it couldn't be because it was beyond repair. I argued w/ him for 5 min. Suddenly his face molds into that of Lucifer himself. His friend next to me says, "The end is here."

So now I'm kinda freaked out. Walls are breathing, HARD. Everything is moving. Beautiful colors are eminting from the ceiling but I have the devil and his demons all surrounding me and D! I get up, with a half smile (never let them see you sweat) and walk with D to another room to play video games. This didn't work at all so we sat on a nearby couch to watch V vs. the computer. He's playing Tekken 3 and he's playing as Satan (the big demon dude)! So he's kicking butt and I say aloud, "No one can beat him!". Next thing I know, the opponent whoops V's ass and it's game over. Name of the opponent, Paul.

I spit out a quick prayer for deliverance and turn to D and say, "No man is an island". He cathces my drift (somehow) and we head for the door. We manage to get to his parents house where his dad is a preacher. I start thinking of how wasted life is for D not meeting the expectations everyone sets for him (he's kind of a slacker). I'm real sad and D pops in The Doors, the movie. Jim is really depressing me and I tell him I have to go home.

I drive back to my home and I look around and dark demon clouds are coming at me from the sky. I'm going like 80 mph outrunning the demonic presence and make it home. I make it in to my room seeing my mom on the way and it all comes together. I was Adam and the world was ending and I had to start all over. Satan had punked me out and I ran as if from the Garden of Eden. Satan manifested in V and used his power to make the bong seem clean though it was full of sin and evil, because Satan is a liar. I also realized that it wasn't an apple but a mushroom that gave man the knowledge of God. I remembered as a 3 yr old that I ate a yard shroom and had to have my stomach pumped. My whole life was built around this divine fruit and as I progressed I was living the Word of God. I was now Paul the Apostle. I soon saw that this was the final chapter, the Revelation/Appocalypse. I began to cry and I knew my mother was Jesus. I went to the bathroom and looked into my eyes and saw every book of the Bible unfold within my life as if my life was a parable, an allegory of the good book.

It was a deep experience to say the least.

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