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Garfield (E Trip)

I did what you called a blue smiley(XTC).

I did what you called a blue smiley(XTC). It was cute and it got me fucked. I split the pill with this guy. After popping the pills I downed it with warm water(to help the buzz in faster). I smoked a fat 2 grams blunt that triggered my trip!!!!

I took my ever so shiny lip gloss and spin it around my fingers non stop and kept staring at the amazing shinyness...I eventually stop and threw it aside. Got up and got a glass of water.

Two other people were with me and Zach. My bestfriend Alana and Zach's friend Brett. Brett left and Alana had to call her mom. So it was me and Zach in the room and I noticed that my mirror was dirty so I quickly got cleaning stuff and cleaned it. What fucking tripped me out was when I wiped the mirror the glass would flex and bend making my reflection all fucked, but that's normal so I was just amazed but not tripped out. It wasn't until I turn to look at Zach did I fucking see him bend and twist like the mirror did, it tripped me out it was sooo fun I lauighed for hours. I looked at Zach and he started laughing his ass off, he was feeling it and soo was I.

Music was playing on my computer and I was just talking and Chilling with Zach until my screen saver came on and it was GARFIELD...he popped in and out of the fucking screen it was intense, but only for a second. It was amzing I felt like I was part of it ...the screen saver or whatever,

All of the sudden when I smoked the roach of the blunt we had just blaze I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement. Like I was really happy I felt like I was stuck in a world full of free drugs munchies and money like it was sooo happy and I had no fucking clue why. Like Im wired I popped these at like 10 pm and it's 5:45 the next day and Im wide awake writing this fucking story.

Most of the night was chill, I was happy hyper and messed. Lovely night I did have.

Dont doo too many drugs and happy shrooming

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