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Funday Sunday

I just ate my second dose from my 1st ever home growns.

I just ate my second dose from my 1st ever home growns. It lasted over 6 hours. I weigh 185 and ate 9 shrooms. The 1st time I ate 5 but wanted more. 5 is good,9 is better. 5 didn't give me a headache the day after, 9 did. It came on in waves but never really went away. Everytime I pissed the bathroom tiles kinda breathed along with me. My pupils were so big. It looked like my eyes were full of blood with little spots. I'd wear sunglasses in public because it's a little unusual looking. When I walked outside everything looked real close and clear. It was heaven. Why can't I be that content every other day? It did take some getting used to reality after that. I was real careful when driving the next day because my eyes were not real crisp. I think you are so used to sobriety day after day and then after tripping you must get reaquainted with yourself. Yeah I was still a little zoomy the next day or two but i liked it. Like I said I had a headache but it was worth it. I wonder if I should take more and try to lose it? I would love it while I was under I'm sure but that headache was a real bitch. It made me want to put a little time in before my next trip. All in all it was a good body high.

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